A Cute A** Puppy and….a Duck?

Mikey and the Duck

This morning I was going through the blogs I follow, reading new posts, and I came across a post on Suffolk Scribblings – My top 10 blogging tips on building an audience.  Very helpful post.  So I commented on the helpfulness of the post and mentioned my kids had advised me if I wanted to increase traffic to my blog I should post a photo of “cute ass puppies”.  Dylan (of Suffolk Scribblings) replied saying my children knew what they were talking about.  I responded by saying I was going off to find my camera.

I spent the next half-hour chasing my Great Dane – Mikey around the garden.  Just as I was about to give up, because he kept turning his backside to me, in defiance, there was a great flurry of wings, and splashing and dogs barking.

A duck had landed in our pool! And I just happened to have the camera.  How grand is that? Not only do I have a photo of a cute ass/big ass puppy but I also have a photo of the said puppy trying to catch the duck in the pool.

Here is another photo of Mikey – staring into the great unknown. Yes, he is big – he likes to stickybeak into the next door neighbor’s yard, by putting his front paws on the top of the 6 foot fence and peering over.


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