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EEK – I think I have a Tufted-Ear Bird Dog

TBD 1EEK – I have a Tufted-Ear Bird Dog

I have a Tufted-Ear Bird Dog living in my house.   He just kind of appeared. I have done extensive research on this animal.

The Tufted-Ear Bird Dog is a strange animal.  He is a mammal. He has fur, lots of fur.  His habitat varies and he can be found in the cooler climates of the United Kingdom but flourishes in almost any environment.  This particular Tufted-Ear Bird Dog has a predilection for my garden. He loves water and will find any body of water, either big or small, in which to splash around.  Our Tufted-Ear Bird Dog is often referred to as “Wide Body”.

His diet consists primarily of dog food and dog snackies, but has he been known to eat a fried egg or two.  He has relatively sloth-like movements the majority of time.  The exceptions to this are 1) when a squirrel mistakenly enters (or maybe not so accidentally) his domain, or 2) when he is attached to a leash, at which point he transforms into a football linebacker with a really low center of gravity.

He sleeps for the most part on his futon (with his pillow and blankie), but will wedge his body up against the front door when his people are away.  He is not known for barking much, but makes little puffy sounds that are reminiscent of the sound made by a wart hog.

By nature, he is not fierce, nor is he aggressive, but he has been known to participate in “Epic Death Battles” with Mikey, the Great Dane.  He can be quite elusive, and so he is difficult to photograph (actually – he just follows me around).

The Tufted-Ear Bird Dog is an unusual  beast , but he is my beast (or maybe I am his human, or perhaps a little of both).

Note:  I think the frequent summer clippings may have contributed to the appearance of this animal, it gets so hot here – we had no choice.  Besides, he is so cute when he comes back from the groomers, he looks like a pleasantly plump little boy who has just received his summer crew cut.

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