toilet paperFacetious – treating serious issues with deliberately inappropriate humor; flippant

‘F’ has caused me some consternation.  I came up with farts, flowers, flatulence, funk, fastidious, farts – it seems like I keep coming back to the expulsion of gaseous substances from one’s body.  But that is rather classless.  So I pondered the ‘F’ for a long time.  And I am now running out of time.  With 90 minutes to go before my bedtime (Thank goodness I live on the West Coast, so I haven’t reached my deadline – yet), I came up with facetious.  I love that word.

Here is some fantastically facetiously fun thoughts (you got to love alliteration).

  1. I find it fascinating that gas prices vacillate between 50 cents within several days for no apparent reason. It certainly adds a little excitement to my life, and always give me something to talk about.
  2. I love that a story on the Kardashians is considered top news, because in my opinion that is super important.
  3. I really enjoyed being told by a four-year old that I look like Elsa (from “Frozen”), but then being informed by the same child, Elsa however was not fat. I walked on clouds all day after that. (Of course, I thoughtfully reminded the child, Elsa was not real). Let it go, let it go.
  4. My self-esteem was boosted tremendously when a six-year-old boy asked me why I was so old, and I really appreciated the fact his mother sat there and said nothing. Another stellar day!
  5. I chuckled the day I locked my thumb in a car door (the owner of the car was in a building with the keys) and two men stopped by and asked me if it hurt having my thumb stuck in the car door. Their concern was overwhelming. You gotta love humanity.
  6. I really appreciate the fact my family saves me the pleasure of replacing the empty toilet paper roll with a new one. That’s so darn thoughtful.
  7. I can’t tell you how happy I am when I finally finish the laundry and come back an hour later and find someone has removed all the dirty laundry from their closet and completely filled the laundry basket up again. Yippee for me!!!!
  8. I am so honored when people ask if I am my children’s Grandmother. It makes me feel so wise and aged.
  9. It is so considerate that my children leave casserole dishes in the fridge with one teaspoon of casserole left, it saves me from ingesting too many calories at one time, and…I get to wash the dish as well.
  10. I find it so kind and considerate when people come change the TV channel, while I am watching a show. It provides so much diversity in my viewing selection.

That’s all for today. Gotta go to bed.  Must start thinking about ‘G’. Gas, grass, garden, gorillas, Gouda…..hmm?

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