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Flower beds in Spring

Flower beds in Spring

Pansies and Calendula

Not so long ago,  we had one of the most beautiful gardens in the neighborhood.  All the flower beds were carefully designed so there was always color, movement and something interesting to look at in any season.  That was ‘Before Puppies’.

Our previous Great Dane, Nunu, became very ill with a soft-tissue sarcoma and we had to put him down because he was so miserable.  Even now, 4 years later, I still can’t type about him without tears welling up.  In an effort to get me out of my horrible depression, my husband arranged for me and my youngest to go pick up two puppies from breeders south of Los Angeles.  We arranged to pick them up the same day and bring them home together.

Nunu drinking from the sink.

We carried them back home.  My youngest sat in the back seat of the car and they clung to him – all the way home.

Carrying Mikey

Upon arriving home, we let the puppies, Maxie and Mikey, free in the back yard, and little did I know the era, Garden BP, was over, and total and unforgiving garden destruction had begun (AP – after puppies).  All that work for naught, total annihilation in a matter of weeks.

Cute total destruction

Mike pondering his next target.

We tried to contain them, but to no avail.  They have tromped plants, bushes, and vines.  They, well actually Mikey, has chewed the sprinkler heads off, each one has been replaced, and several irrigation heads have been replaced multiple times.  The only thing that is impervious to the puppies bouncing and frolicking about are rose bushes.  Needless to say, we have tons of roses in our garden now.

Trying to contain Mikey.

Maxie at 4 months.

And so in the end, I have thrown my hands up in disgust and let my garden run wild.  No more tender bedding plants, or intricate garden designs, just two very scrumptious puppies who I absolutely adore …even more than my garden. (This is not a lame attempt to post more “cute puppy” photos, I just couldn’t think of anything else for “G”).

Flower beds in Spring

Double Hollyhocks and Trumpet vine

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