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  1. Yes! The one that gets me is when people step out in front of you at Walmart (of course!) and force you to slam on breaks while they take their sweet time crossing, and no wave or nod of the head either of course.

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    • I hate that!!!! Another reason not to go to Walmart. Or how about this, they are talking on their telephones, just having a wonderfully, jubilant conversation and haven’t a clue that if it was not for your love of humanity and all that is good and wise, their butts would have been smeared right in front of the Super Walmart entrance.

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  2. CAN I GET AN AMEN?! Im that crazy woman that yells then flips you off, THEN rides your ass for being a snot nosed driver..then I’ll honk if im really pissed. Or when I get the finger for being nice…wtf?! I really hate people… 😤😡😤😡

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    • How funny. Or how about this. You try to psychically analyze if the person is a “thanker” of an “expecter”. If I think they might be a “thanker” I will let them in, but if they look like an “expecter” (like they EXPECT you to let them in) – forget it. I will do everything in my power not to let them in. Anyone on a cell phone falls under the “expecter” category, because they do not have enough hands to wave a thanks. I won’t let them in either.

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      • And you would think little old ladies would be thankers, just having been raised in a different era. Maybe they are expecters because they think since they are elderly every one should treat them a certain way and they don’t have to do anything in return.

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      • Totally agree. And don’t get me started on the SUV drivers in the car rider pick-up line at the schools. Talk about expecting, bad-tempered, impatient, rudely behaved people who harbor a major sense of entitlement. One of the plusses of having teenagers that drive. I no longer have to do the pick-up, drop-off shuffle.

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      • *hangs head in shane* I can be one of the impatient drives when I pick up my kids. But others stupidity and bad-tempered driving just out right pisses me off. Im there early to get my kids. My kids’ schools have really good shuffles-it’s the OTHER idiots…SHEESH! (But I drive a Volvo 👍👍👍)

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      • Im that mom that tells her son “Say no to drugs. Stranger danger. Make good decisions.” Every day when I drop him off. I get an eye roll and “I love you mom” so I can’t be doing too bad. LOL. I love the extra time in the mornings with my kids. I just don’t like the idiots that don’t adhere to the “every other car” rule…pick your battles, Sass!

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