Rebuttal and Road Rage

road at night

Tonight is R, and of course I am typing this post at the very last minute (should have done P-Procrastination, that’s my middle name).

I was roped into helping my oldest with a debate that is due tomorrow.  I had to come up with rebuttal questions for an argument against animal testing in cosmetics.  I made a deal with my son and here is how it played out.  I would write the rebuttal questions if he would write a blog post on ‘R’.  He agreed.  We came up with Road Rage because that is something he personally knows a lot about.

So here is my oldest – take it away.

Road rage is something that I deal with on a daily basis. Whether it’s to the gym, school, Chipotle, or even Cold-Stone, I always encounter some idiot on my way there. People around here don’t seem to know how to accelerate or drive the speed limit. I have seen several accidents on some of the main roads I drive because of the stupidity of drivers. I have punched my steering wheel several times and it actually has a crack in the middle of it now (I probably shouldn’t be saying this). I guess that’s not so bad, I have a friend who got cut off and got out of his car to repeatedly punch the cutter offers windshield until he finally realized what he was doing. I do not blame him though, I’ve just never had the energy for that.

My Mom says I should not get so upset, but I don’t think she has any room to talk.  I remember when she used to have to take us to school and she would get so mad at the women in their SUVs with their coffee cup in one hand a cell phone in the other (not really sure how they were driving).  She would start shouting at them, but she wouldn’t swear, she would just say stuff like “Oh hell no you don’t Sister Sledge!” or “Don’t even stinking think about it, Sister Sledge!!” She called everyone Sister Sledge, at least everyone driving that pissed her off.  So I think I come by some of my road rage genetically.  One time she was being tail-gated by these punk-ass teenagers in a car behind her, she slowed down, she sped up and they just kept on her tail.  Finally she stopped the car – just stopped it in the middle of the road (it was a side road – not a highway – thankfully).  She flies out of the car, goes up to the driver’s car window and tells the driver if he didn’t get off her rear end she was going to pull him from the car and dismember him – or something like that.  Needless to say, he stayed a good distance behind her.

That’s all I have to say. Just some of my experiences with the dumbass drivers that live in my area. Everything I know about road rage I learned from my dear, sweet Mother.

So there you have it, some kind words from my loving son, who has just completely ratted me out. And what about the steering wheel?

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  1. Too funny. Reminds me of my own children who would do the same. Road rage is a real issue. My older mother in law followed someone home she was so angry. We were horrified to learn of that and told her never to do it again!

    • I know, it’s really scary out there. I threatened to dismember those people years ago, I wouldn’t do it now, because people are really, really crazy out there these days. Makes you wonder why things have gotten so out of hand.

  2. Good lord, I’d hate to think of what my daughter would write. She’d tell you that I call everyone “girl scout” or “Captain Dumbass”. Being in the car is like some sort of personality disorder with me, but I’ve been trying to work on it. For about 30 years.

    • How funny! Being behind the wheel seems to affect even the nicest of people. Captain Dumbass! I love it!!!!
      PS. My other son now wants to write a post – I’m a bit nervous about this.

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