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U – Universe: A Boring One

parallel univers

Again, I am making deals with my sons.  Tonight, the deal was with my youngest.  I would tidy up his bed, and go get dinner from the Barbecue place (miles away from here) and he would write a post on his thoughts about why our universe sucks.

Here is my youngest. The floor is yours……..

The reason our universe sucks is partly due to the fact that we are confined by all sorts of laws. We have to put up every day with laws of nature, physics, gravity, and a million other laws that make us less able to do things we think and dream about. I mean, I’m sure we all wish we could just jump in the air and start flying or even be invisible.

On to my second point. According to scientists we have unlimited parallel universes and each one is different from the other in some way. Now why did we get stuck in the one confined by all these rules and laws? Heck we don’t even have dragons or giants or magic. I would love to be able to go to school and learn spells instead of trigonometry. We can’t do anything cool in our universe, we just have to be born, go to school, get a job, work until we are half dead, then live out our lives however the economy will let us, and finally die. I might not even go to heaven, maybe our parallel universe might not have one. These are just a few of the painfully true reasons our universe sucks.

Yours truly, SD’s youngest.

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