Z – Zed

Scrabble Z

A baby was born into a sad family, one devoid of any joy or love.  He was christened Zachariah Edward Davids.  Because no one in the family had the energy to foster any type of bond with the small infant, they couldn’t be bothered to call him by his given name, and so they called him Zed for short.

When Zed was just a small child, his parents divorced.  He was shuffled between households, never feeling like he belonged anywhere.  He went unnoticed, unappreciated, just a burden – nothing more than an afterthought in a list of things to do.

Zed entered school with minimal social skills.  He never fit in, really.  He was always at the end of the line, always the last one chosen and the last one mentioned.  During games, he was the one that sat alone, waiting to be brought into the game, and only when there was no one else to be played.  His unwilling team mates were always so surprised by how much Zed added to the game.  No one ever remembered how beneficial Zed’s participation had been when the next game came along.

In High School, Zed grew into a thin, angular fellow who kept pretty much to himself.  He did however develop some cursory friendships.  His one friend Oh, hung out with him quite a bit, which was surprising as Oh was a pretty popular guy.  He also fostered a superficial friendship with Ay as well, but he didn’t spend as much time with Ay as much as he did with Oh.  Sometimes Tee would back him up in certain situations, but it wasn’t often.

After his schooling, Zed went to find himself.  Happily he relocated to Zimbabwe, where he immersed himself in Zen Buddhism and opened a Zebra zoo.  For the first time in his life he was at peace with himself and felt he finally belonged.

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