From Cornflakes to Eternity – A Ghost’s Story/Free Book Promotion


For those of you who have enjoyed my ghost stories, The Boy in the Rain and The Haunted House in the Mountains, do I have a deal for you.  Being a self-published author, I have been miserably inept at marketing and promoting my book. In order to somewhat rectify this situation I am now offering my novel, From Cornflakes to Eternity at no cost to you, to read and enjoy. It is a truly gripping ghost story, with twists and turns that will keep you guessing to the end.

Below is a short description of the book.

The halls of the Pediatric hospital are quiet now. The ghostly sightings ceased the night the paranormal investigation team was summoned. No one has seen the Little Redheaded Girl, Jose or the Girl in the Pink Boots since the horrific happenings that occurred on the main road leading into the hospital. That was the night the Diablo winds rattled the already parched lands, leaving in its wake a suffocating blanket of sand. The nurses are happy they no longer have to sniff for pockets of sulfurous stench, or be wary of sudden drops in the ambient temperature, but not one of them can make any sense of the events that occurred that night or the days leading up to it. Of course, none of them ever will, because they are not ghosts.

Available as part of a free promotion on Amazon.

The promotion will begin 18 May 2015 and run through 20 May 2015.


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      • I didn’t realise you had a book published until you posted this. I managed to download it, once I have read it I’ll put up a review. I tend to be a bit slow with review writing though… At the moment I try to have one review per week, i.e. every Friday.

      • Thank-you so much for doing this and the review when you have time. I really, really appreciate, but most of all I hope you enjoy the book!!!!

      • I absolutely loved it! I will write a review for sure, if I am good I’ll make it for tomorrow or next week on Friday.

      • you are welcome. I hope that you’ll get some great reviews, that will help you promote it. I think that it has a lot of potential! I hope that this is just the 1st of many books that you’ll write 🙂

  1. hello. I read the haunted house in the mountains and the boy in the rain and would enjoy reading more of your writings. Are they all in your blog or do you have a different address or site you devote to your art?

    Here are a couple of my albums you might enjoy, collaborations inspired by stories that I found on the internet.

    Recollecting the Snow with Rebekkah Hilgraves

    The Madness that Lurks With in (with Rebekkah Hilgraves) [not for the faint of heart]

    No heaven, No Forgiveness with Rebekkah Hilgraves [the shortest of the three]

    We have a 4th one we’re going to release this Halloween, it’s called the Fog and it’s pretty creepy.

    We are always looking for more stories as inspirations for collaborations as we both enjoy doing these sorts of projects so if you have any stories that are your favorite I’m open to ideas.

    Thanks for listening and I’ll be interested in your thoughts on the albums when you have time to check them out.

  2. I nominated you for two awards tonight. You can accept or not to participate but I hope you do. Rules are on my post. Hope you have a good night.

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