The Indian Mounds – Five Photo Five Series Challenge – Day Four

Boys, Nunu at Indian Mounds

This is Day 4 of my photo series.  I had a slight break in the series for various reasons.   I have been nominated by  my blogging friend, Mark Bialczak, to participate in the Five Photo Five Series Challenge.

If you were to ask my boys today, what one of their favorite childhood memories were they would respond by saying “Going to the Indian Mounds with Nu-Nu.”    We spent much of our time there when we lived in Warner Robins.  When the boys became antsy and needed an adventure we would put Nu-Nu, our Great Dane, in the back of the car and head up to Macon.  We always picked times when we knew no one would be at the Mounds, so Nu-Nu could come off his leash and barrel after the boys.

The Ocmulgee Indian Mounds are located just outside Macon, Georgia.  These mounds were built by the Moundbuilders around 900 AD on the Macon Plateau.  What is left of the mounds have been uncovered, preserved and made into a National Park.  On site is a museum, and of course, Mounds that one can enter and explore.  And we did do that, but only once or twice when Nu-nu didn’t come with us.

The Indian Mounds National Park is a really magical place.  It is a perfect place for two young boys to run and explore and burn that bottomless cauldron of energy that seems to bubble within them.  Add to that a Great Dane puppy with limitless energy and we had the making of a really fun afternoon, out in the wilderness.

The Indian Mounds had a swamp with a boardwalk which was really fun to run across. The sound of the little feet and paws on the planks echoed through the empty park.  The swamp was filled with a plethora of birdlife, including vultures and hawks.  It also had dead creepy trees jutting out of the still water which certainly enhanced the mysteriousness of the park.  Further down from through the swamp, and across a little bridge, was a forest with winding paths and benches and places to hide, which were perfect to jump out from and scare their unsuspecting mother.

The site also had wide open fields ideal for running and jumping through.  Surrounding these hills were gently undulating hills to run up and down and up again.  The boys would run and run and run, and right by their side was Nu-Nu, running along with them.  It was a glorious sight to see two boys and their puppy enjoying their childhood, exploring, stopping to look at rocks and twigs, with not a care in the world.

I can still hear the boys laughing, and calling to one on another, through the trees.  I can see their little faces speckled with the stippled light of the sun shining through the thick canopy of trees, I can see the unrestrained joy of childhood in their eyes.  Their little cheeks became rosy, with their exertions, the fresh air and the sheer joy.  I can see their heads bobbing along, through the fields, along the boardwalk, across the bridge, with Nu-Nu and his floppy ears bounding up and down.  When the adventure was over and they were exhausted, all three, two boys and a Great Dane would fall asleep on the ride home.

I really miss those days.

Rules of Engagement:

Here’s how this challenge works: You post a photo each day for five consecutive days and attach a story to the photo. It can be fiction or non-fiction, a poem or a short paragraph that shares your insight or inspiration of or from the image.  I am supposed to nominate someone to participate, but I know it is the weekend, and people have things to do.  If someone would like to take part in this challenge, I will extend a nomination to them.

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    • How funny – inspiration only comes to me maybe once a week, hence the break in the posts and the fact that little irritating things such as life and work seem to try and push their way into my blogging time!!!!

  1. I’ve been through Macon 100 times and didn’t know they had such a place.Thanks for sharing this. It’s sounds so heart warming.

    • Thank-you Lori. It really is surprising it is there, because it is hidden right outside of town. We just stumbled across it one day. It really is a beautiful place.

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