There is a Pterodactyl living in my house!!!!!

Mikey - The Pterodactyl 001 (2)

Mikey, the Great Dane used to live here, but look what I have discovered in his place  on the Puppies’ futon this morning.  I just watched the movie,  Jurassic World  last night, so I am pretty sure I know what a Pterodactyl looks like.  I found a drawing of a Pterodactyl – do you see the uncanny similarities?

pterodactyl_tdu_1902_john_unknownWhat do you think?  Do you see why I am so concerned?

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  1. when the little girl was born, the wife caller her a little Pterodactyl because of the screeches she made. I wish I had a recording of that but it only lasted for a day, maybe 2 and my first recording wasn’t until she was 3 days old.

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  2. Learn to train it, and use it to send letters to G.R.R Martin.
    I love dogs and I love dinosaurs. I love dogs that look like dinosaurs.

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