There is a Pterodactyl living in my house!!!!!

Mikey - The Pterodactyl 001 (2)

Mikey, the Great Dane used to live here, but look what I have discovered in his place  on the Puppies’ futon this morning.  I just watched the movie,  Jurassic World  last night, so I am pretty sure I know what a Pterodactyl looks like.  I found a drawing of a Pterodactyl – do you see the uncanny similarities?

pterodactyl_tdu_1902_john_unknownWhat do you think?  Do you see why I am so concerned?

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  1. when the little girl was born, the wife caller her a little Pterodactyl because of the screeches she made. I wish I had a recording of that but it only lasted for a day, maybe 2 and my first recording wasn’t until she was 3 days old.

  2. LOL!

    If Little Man were reading this, he’d be piping up right now with his little tidbit “Did ya know that pterodactyls weren’t really dinosaurs?”

      • Thank-you for the information. Don’t tell LM this, but honestly I thought all dinosaurs were reptiles – I had no idea! Silly rabbit – Trix are for kids.

      • Me too–I did a little more googling and some sources say they are classified as reptiles but many technically weren’t. I dunno. I think my brain has reached its learning limit for the day.

      • I really thought they were cold-blooded animals. I have watched all the Jurassic Park movies, I thought I knew everything there was to know about dinosaurs but it turns out I know nothing. And honestly, I’m ok with that. My brain has learning limits too – I must respect those limits.

      • Lol… after I got to “some may have been warm blooded” and “some may have fit neither warm or cold blooded” I was done. What next, Pluto isn’t a planet? 😉

      • Yeah, and then they will tell us the sun isn’t really a star. I think it is best we stop trying to learn anymore, leave that for the kids to do.

      • How could they not know that? It must be very disconcerting for intelligent kids like LM when they realize how uneducated the majority of the adult world really is (please don’t tell him I thought a Pterodactyl was a dinosaur).

  3. OMG. Your dog is extinct !
    I came in to comment on your post, from your comment on my post, after my comment on Suzie’s post. 😉
    Ralph 😀

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