Snackies at Tiffany’s


We had a most exciting time in Carmel (the second segment of the trip). We stayed at a vacation rental in Pebble Beach, which was really comfortable and peaceful. No, we were not on 17 Mile Drive – hardly, more like 1 Block Drive way up the hill. We had a small view of the ocean through the tree tops, but we could hear the ocean and the Seal Lions barking off in the distance.treetops and ocean

We brought our family to Carmel – the whole family – both dogs as well (Shirley, the turtle had to stay home). Maxie (the Golden) and Mikey (the Great Dane) never have the opportunity to travel with us, and because of this we made a point to bring them to Carmel. It is truly a logistical nightmare travelling with these two dogs as they are so large and we do not own an SUV. Therefore we travelled as a convoy of two cars. Mikey takes up the entire back seat of my husband’s car. Maxie went with the boys and their friend in my oldest’s car and sat up the whole time breathing in the face of my youngest.

Mikey laying in back of car (2)

We chose to vacation in Carmel, because Carmel is purported to be the country’s most dog friendly city. Based on our experiences with Maxie and Mikey, I would have to say that is probably true.Carmel by the sea real estate

On our first day – we decided to take them into Carmel to do some window shopping. The most endearing thing about Carmel is all the stores have bowls of water and dog snacks outside their front door for Carmel’s canine visitors. Many of the restaurants with patio dining are dog-friendly as well (stay tuned for a post on that).

Our first stop was in Tiffany & Co. way up at the top of Ocean Drive (the main drag through Carmel). I love the Tiffany perfume and my husband had promised me a bottle as a belated birthday present. Tiffany perfumeWe had stopped in the Tiffany & Co. on Rodeo Drive – but they were renovating and had downsized their inventory. The Rodeo Drive staff apologized and I said in a very knowing way “Oh that’s okay, we are on our way to Carmel – we will stop at the Tiffany store up there.” I am sure they probably wondered how such a scruffy person should know that – but they were very gracious, nonetheless.

My husband and I went inside Tiffany & Co. and the boys stayed outside with the dogs. Mikey was creating quite a stir with the people on the sidewalk. People were stopping to take pictures with him. One of the ladies who worked in Tiffany’s noticed the commotion and asked if those were our dogs. My husband and I nodded and said – yes, they were. She said bring them in. Let them come into the store, we would love to meet them. In they come, Maxie and Mikey into Tiffany’s. The same lady asked if she could give them some treats, and we said – Oh yes that would be lovely. So Mikey and Maxie had dog snackies in Tiffany’s.Mikey and Maxie at Tiffany's

The people from outside of the store came in and Mikey and Maxie sat posing for them. Instantly the store was bustling with people, speaking a multitude of languages, taking pictures of these two enormous dogs inside of Tiffany’s eating snackies. Only in Carmel.

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Tiffany & Co.

Carmel-by-the-Sea Real Estate

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  1. Now this is quite fantastic for the humans and doggies and store owners and passersby, SD. Hooray for Carmel’s Tiffany folks for being so dang welcome to you and the pooches. Major points. Breakfast at Tiffany’s, dog snack-style, says I.

    A cool little upstate New York town that is very dog friendly is Lake George, my dear wife Karen and I found, with big bowls of water out in front of just about every store. We didn’t take Ellie B aka Dogamous Pyle because we were meeting our niece for a whole one-day of fun. Next time we’ll think about it. 🙂

    • It was so cool being able to take the dogs everywhere with us. They (especially Mikey) created quite a stir in Carmel – as most of the dogs are the little tiny ones you can carry around. We are home now and they are both quite worn out from their celebrity experiences.

  2. I love Carmel. Been there twice and loved every minute of being there. Even purchased some Christmas decorations for the tree with ‘Carmel’ written across from a store that was open all year long selling Christmas decorations.

    It’s lovely to hear how places are dog friendly. Here is Brighton & Hove, where I live, many places are dog friendly and they do well because of it. We avoid non dog friendly places even when not out with the dog.

    • I looked at the Brighton & Hove website. Looks like a beautiful city. Didn’t you do a photo challenge with those wonderful brightly colored beach houses? That kind of temple looking building is fascinating. I love Carmel. I’m with you, I avoid people and places that are non-dog friendly. Funny thing was, so many people are normally intimidated by Mikey’s size, but no one seemed to care. Very unusual.

      • Yes, I did. Those beach huts come in very handy for photo challenges. The temple looking building is The Brighton Pavilion. We had our civil partnership there back in 2006. It’s a beautiful building both inside and out. Very grand with lots of history.

        Our dog, Toby, loves big dogs. Bigger the better, which is quite strange seeing how he has such short legs. When we go to the park you can guarantee he’ll make a beeline towards the biggest dog there.

      • That’s funny how dogs don’t seem to know their size. Mikey (the Great Dane) I am sure, has no idea how big he is. A little fluffy dog was barking at him, and he was looking down and he seemed quite taken aback by the exchange. He is tall enough for my rather large Golden Retriever to walk under him, but I don’t think he knows it.

  3. How fun. I’m so glad you got an opportunity to bring them with you. It’s rare to find dog friendly places. We have to take advantage of them when we can. Maxie, Mikey & Tiffany. Priceless. 🙂

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