Mikey mingling with his fans

Mikey mingling with his fans

On our last full day in Carmel, we took the puppies, Mikey and Maxie out to breakfast. We found a restaurant that had ample enough patio seating to house Mikey and Maxie while we ate. They ate too – two fried eggs over easy. They love fried eggs. It is about the only time we really see Maxie (who is on a diet right now) hop up and down with any significant vigor.

We took them window-shopping in Carmel. As I have said in previous posts, Carmel is said to be the number one dog-friendly city in the country. Most stores in Carmel keep a bowl of doggie snackies and fresh water outside their front doors for the visiting canines.

Until this day, I never really understood what it must be like to be part of a celebrity’s entourage. But I got a taste of it the day we took Mikey (mostly) and Maxie (who was kind of ignored) to Carmel.

Mikey posing

Mikey posing

The sidewalks were filled with visitors from all over the world. I heard smatters of German, French, Russian and various Asian languages as we slowly moved along the sidewalks. Why did we walk so slowly? Actually it was more a shuffle then stop, chat, and then shuffle for a few more steps. Mikey was a major celebrity in Carmel. Everyone stopped to talk with him. He posed for hundreds of photos and after about the twentieth time of stopping and being told to sit for a photo with his new international friends, he just posed automatically, giving them good profile views.

No one paid any attention to us other than to ask if they could have their photos taken with Mikey (and Maxie – once in a while). I have never in my life seen such fervor over a dog. And Mikey ate it up, he loved it. He was working the crowd – looking for his next photo opportunity.

Mikey giving his fans one last look as he is driven away.

Mikey giving his fans one last look as he is driven away.

After returning to our house, after a busy day of hobnobbing with the jet set, Maxie and Mikey were exhausted and took a well-deserved nap with one of their ever loyal humans.

Mikey and Maxie relaxing with one of their favorite fans.

Mikey and Maxie relaxing with one of their favorite fans.

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  1. They sure are cute! We have a couple of restaurants now with outdoor patios in our area where they allow dogs. It really is nice to have her with us when we have dinner sometimes!

    • It is nice not to have to leave the dogs by themselves. It was so much fun taking them around. I sometimes get jealous of the people with their little tiny dogs, because they seem to be able to take them everywhere. Our dogs require transport trailers -(hee- hee).

      • I’m sure they do! I know what you mean about little dogs! I think the same exact thing. Many hotels will even let them stay if they are small!

      • I know, even in Carmel we were having trouble finding lodging, because the weight limits were 10 pounds, 25 pounds. Can you imagine if I had called them up and said I have 280 pounds of dogs, is that alright? It’s discrimination – I tell you!!!!

      • Ha! You’re right! You still pay the same additional fee no matter how much a dog weighs! The poops might be bigger with your dogs, but they would still have to be cleaned up no matter what size they were, (if a dog did have an accident), right?? What logic is there in that??? LOL

      • At least one can’t miss my dog’s poops – shoot , my dogs poops are bigger than some dogs I have seen been carried around. We have a friend whose dog ate the front of his BMW, and he is not anywhere the size of our dogs.

      • Well I wouldn’t like that! We’ve been fortunate with a dog who has never been destructive in any way. She is a Vizsla Retriever mix – a Labralas. An incredible breed.

      • Our dogs are really good about not messing with things. Did have a Great Dane that ate an entire sofa in one day – came home to find the frame and about knee deep foam pieces in the living room. I must go and look up a photo of your dog!!!

      • Vizslas are really gaining in popularity, but the pure breeds are a little hyper. With the golden retriever mixed in, they have the perfect temperament. Extremely intelligent, sensitive, and affectionate. Really incredible breed. I recommend them to all dog lovers! But I know Great Danes are incredible dogs as well! 🙂

      • I just looked them up. Beautiful color. Almost look like a very slender Rhodesian Ridgeback. Seem really smart, but not too crazy energetic. Probably don’t shed a lot – which is something we deal with around here, Maxie sheds almost as much as I do.

      • Ha! Take some biotin! Yeah, ours is red and doesn’t shed too badly. Just have to keep up with the Ferminator brushings! Love that thing!

      • :p seemed appropriate! I love your puppies-though I have to say I’m partial to Moxie more than Mikey. I had a lady I took care of with a Great Dane-Izzy-and she was…she was a mess lol

      • Thank-you. Maxie doesn’t get enough credit – he is truly the sweetest of the two. Mikey has some neuroses, but he is sweet but very silly. I will tell Maxie you said so. We heard some jerk in Carmel (a tourist) say to his wife that Maxie was a fat-ass, luckily my boys didn’t hear or else heads would have surely rolled.

      • He’s so adorable! I love it ear fluff <3 Such a shame they didn't hear…you could recorded it and posted it here on how NOT to talk about fluffy puppies 😉

  2. I LOVE this. Dogs are the BEST! I’m guessing people were amazed to see such a large dog? I love standing next to Danes, because I’m under 5 feet tall and I can pretty much see eye-to-eye with them. I wish I could meet your two guys. Sounds like Mikey loves people as much as they love him. How fun.

    • Next time you come out West let us know. My entire family is over 6’4″ with the exception of me, so Mikey looks completely normal next to them. Mikey loves visiting with people. We are actually thinking about getting a second Dane (we must be nuts!!!) We did have a great time going through Carmel with the dogs. Met so many interesting people because of them, from all over the world.

      • I wish more places were dog friendly like that. They were moderately dog friendly in Florida where we lived, but here in the chi-town burbs, no dogs allowed anywhere. 🙁

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