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    • He is truly a silly dog. He has such interesting facial expressions, but I not sure he experiences any really deep thoughts other than where is my dinner – why is it late (he is very punctual), or I am so tired, must go lay down on futon right now, or is that fried eggs I smell, must go investigate, or Ooo Mum is resting – this is a good time to go ask her to let me out.

  1. Okay, couldn’t find your e-mail for private message. I think I sent you a friend request through Facebook, how many SD Gates can their be? Sorry I am being non productive lately. I think I have the same problems as your pup.

    • Yeah me too!!! How can it only be Thursday tomorrow? I am sure I have lived Wednesday at least 3 times this week. I hardly ever go to that Facebook – some lady from a Paranormal group has kind of taken over my Facebook and it ticked me off. She must have been posting at least 12 times a day about angels and stuff. So I never go there. Are you on Twitter – can you send private messages on that?

      • How do you do that. I tried to do that but could never figure it out. Am I just moronic? I sent you a private Tweet – I have no idea if that will work!!!!

    • Or have my people just lost their stinking minds. I am not going back out in that heat to pee. No way!!!!! (That’s what I think Mikey says sometimes)

      • Ha! Exactly. Here’s how it goes these days in the Little Bitty. Ellie! You have to go Last Pee Pee. Ellie: Blank stare. Me: Grab, collar, pull dog from couch. Ellie: Gack! Trots to back door. Open back door. Goes out to porch. Runs around back porch. Repeat yank and gack. Open porch door. Stands at top of stairs. Yank, gack, down, pee. Oy, dog.

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