CP Zombies are everywhere!

Texting De-evolution

A most alarming epidemic is unfolding and I am not sure what to do about it. But I am so frustrated about it, I want to scream.  I see its ugly head popping up everywhere I go, even at work.  Throngs of glassy-eyed people, wandering around with their heads down, one arm held up, and staring intently at a little tiny rectangular object in their hands.  I am tired of dodging these people.  I am tired of their unfounded assumptions that I will move out of the way of them, so they can bumble along, not looking where they are going.

Of course, I am talking about the cell-phone staring walkers, or maybe I should call them CP Zombies (Cell Phone Zombies). I have to avoid them in the stores, on the roads and in the hallways of the hospital.  I have seen these CP Zombies accidentally walk off curbs, trip down stairs and walk into traffic.  I have even seen it in the gym – people will monopolize a piece of equipment while staring at their phone. These people are not attuned to their surroundings and just amble along slowly (or sit – in the case of the gym-goers), not paying attention.  I think this might really become, or perhaps it already has, become a public safety issue. (Below is a couple of articles to support my point)




Is anyone else concerned about this? And what exactly is it these CP Zombies are so intently studying?

I do not know.

I must devise a weapon. At first I thought I would design some kind of zapper that would blast it out of their hands.  But then I thought that might incur the wrath of a multitude of people, and maybe have legal ramifications, or maybe I would get clobbered by angry CP Zombies. Then I had visions of angry CP Zombies chasing after me with their phones held high in one hand, screaming obscenities at me. Then I decided I would come up with something not quite so obvious.  Or have some kind of weapon that sent a net out and grabbed the phone out of their hands, like Spiderman with his web, but that might result in a throng of CP Zombies chasing after me as well. Perhaps an application that sent out a signal to interrupt their internet connection. But then I would be no better than the CP Zombies, because I would constantly be looking down at my phone, trying to find the app, in order to blast the CP Zombies back to reality.  So, that’s not going to work either.

I decided the best thing is a clicker. An Anti-CP Zombie Clicker.  Something small enough to be kept in a pocket, or perhaps on a key chain.  This clicker would emit a tiny electromagnetic pulse that would momentarily disarm the CP Zombie’s phone, long enough for them to look up and see where they are going.  I think this might actually work.  I need to go away and ponder this a bit more.  If anyone has any input or design ideas, please comment below.

Anti-CP Zombie Clicker (2)

Something has to be done though, I cannot take this any longer!


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      • I was tracking you 😉 (I heard a commercial on the radio a couple of times recently, that had the same “tone” as your post, so I got it right away.)

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      • Thank-you DM!!! Did it come off as a bad “tone”? It was just meant to be a silly post – but actually after doing some research, this texting-walking thing is becoming quite an issue. I read somewhere today, there have been tens of thousands of visits to ERs in the last year, because of injuries while text-waking and 4300 deaths. They are padding lampposts in London (according to one article) and China is creating special cell phone walking lanes. Maybe we should be kind of concerned. Thanks for the support!!!!

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  1. Hahahahaha. I enjoyed that. The moreso because its so true. I think you should stand upwind and spray them with essence of skunk. They’ll never know its you because they’re too intent on looking at their phones. Remember by doing this you are offering a public service. Fewer accidents.

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    • I think the essence of skunk is a brilliant idea, but what about those I have to dodge inside buildings, where there is no wind. Perhaps maybe a delayed response odor of some type that only activates when going outside. Hmmm…I must think about this.


    • I did actually see your post last year, but had completely forgotten. I hope you don’t think I cheated and took your idea. I made all the people I work with read this post, because I told them I wrote it about them. Maybe a little of it will sink in. I asked what they are looking at, they said Twitter, Instagram, etc. I have seen all those sites and can’t remember anything that was fascinating enough to risk bodily harm.

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  2. Oh, yes, SD. It is a rash of ignorance. Now as a big box cashier, I must deal with those in your stampede of well-coined CP Zombies who deem it more necessary to concentrate on their gadget instead of the giving the attention needed to get through the exchange with respect and needed communication. And smile through it, I must.

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    • Ahh to be in the customer-service line of work. I deal with this in the clinic. I can’t imagine how any parent can justify a text to be more important than their child’s visit to the a subspecialty clinic. But I have discovered if I go cheerfully into the room and just start talking away, they usually look up. If they don’t, I just talk to their child, who is undoubtedly more interesting to talk to anyway!!!


  3. I thought the tone was pretty clearly tongue-in-cheek myself, particularly with the humorous drawing at the end. I guess it might have been easy for someone to miss that, though, if they were reading your post on their cell phone while walking down a busy street or driving.

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  4. Ha! I’m such an old relic, I only got my first smart phone last week and it’s already broken and has to be returned. So, I’ve returned from the dark side back to my ‘dumb’ phone. Because it’s a dumb phone, it’s virtually impossible to do anything and use it at the same time and I don’t get constant updates reminding me that there must be something interesting, like a cat meme, popping up to interrupt my lunch. It’s an odd phenomenon. I wonder if it will go out of fashion eventually.

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    • I have a go-phone, a very cheap smart phone. I really hate phones – I leave mine at home all the time, because I figured if we survived without having a phone in our back pockets for years and years, it must still be possible to live without one. Of course, there are no pay phones anymore – so I suppose I should carry my phone. But I don’t like to because most of the time I don’t like to easily contacted. Nor do I want to know what is going on in the world every second of the day. So I guess I am an old relic as well.

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  5. Addictive behavior will always be with us, although the effects of over-reliance on cyber-space for interpersonal relationships has caused some unfortunate ramifications. My cell phone is not smart, on purpose.

    And I choose not to carry it at times, too. Really–it’s okay. Nobody’s going to call me in to perform and emergency cardiac surgery. 🙂

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    • I am with you on this one. I purposely leave my phone at home. it drives my family crazy when they can’t get in touch me. But I feel so free and unencumbered without my phone. I read yesterday, at a cathedral in England they had to move this statues of two hands clasping, because people kept walking into it while texting. It’s mind-boggling. What’s the world coming to, walking lanes for texters, moving statues, will they be padding the corners of buildings next?

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  6. Your post gives me an idea! What if we carried DOG CLICKERS – the kind used for training – and just click it at the oblivious people walking toward us?! I find I’ve been playing “chicken” with people on the sidewalk; I stay on the right where I belong and say nothing as the zombie approaches, usually in the center of The sidewalk and/or directly in my path. I’m prepared to let them walk right into me if necessary. I refuse to *help* them!

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