Sunday Morning on the Patio


Sunday – is a day of rest for most people, but for me it is a day of angst. Sunday doesn’t really count as a weekend day, because it is not a day where I can relax. I really need two Saturdays and then a Sunday. That would be better.  Sunday is the day the rest of the laundry must get done, the groceries need to be gathered, and everything has to be readied for the oncoming week.

I am presently sitting on my patio, thinking of all the things I would like to do, and all of the things I need to do. I would really like to plant some Impatiens, with maybe some Lamb’s Ears (Stachys) on the side garden.  It is shady over there most of the day, and even in the heat of the summer, things really seem to flourish there.  But then I wonder if we will be on water restrictions again this year (see ClassBased Drought), so why bother planting anything. I am tired of not having any color in my garden because of the drought, but yet all the fancy people have the landscapers out there planting beautiful flower beds and somehow manage to keep them watered.  There is so much inequity in this world.

I am also in the midst of finding Summer Camp jobs for both of my boys. Oh – just stop my blogging friends, I can hear you out there muttering under your collective breaths about “why aren’t those boys finding their own jobs?”  Well, I am embarrassed to say, neither of them have ever had jobs, and yes, that is my fault, I should be forcing them out into the work world to make $8.00/hour at a fast food joint, but it seems kind of pointless when you think about.  You figure, if they work an 8 hour day, they will gross $64.00 – then after the Federal government takes a chunk out of it, then the State of California comes along like a little Pac man, with its jaws chomping up and down, they will end up with less the $50.  Granted they need work experience, but does working at Wendy’s really add punch to one’s resume? I don’t think so.  I worked at Wendy’s for 3 days once in college, and I hated it.

I came up with the Summer Camp job idea about a month ago, and I think it is a really brilliant idea for several reasons:

  1. It will get them out of the summer heat of the Central Valley. It is oppressive to say the least, although people remind me it is a dry heat, oh that makes the 110 degree weather seem so much better – NOT!!!!! That reminds me, I must find my oven mitts for the car. Most of the Summer Camps are up in the Northeast part of the country where it is nice and cool. The majority of the camps cover travel expenses to get there.
  2. They will have free room and board. Someone else will be covering the boys’ food expenses. They both are bodybuilders, and have lost about 90 pounds a piece over the last couple of years (see Boys Getting the Gains), but they eat 6 times a day. Right now our grocery bills are running about $1600 to $2000 a month. Let someone else absorb this for a couple of months.
  3. Both of them are pursuing careers in the Fitness Industry. What better way to gain worthwhile experience than learning leadership skills, tolerance, and patience by spending a summer with overly indulged kids who reside in the large cities on the East Coast? Of course, I can hear you lot chuntering on again about how they will probably relate to those summer camp kids, being overly-indulged and all. When I speak of overly-indulged, these kids come with wads of $100 bills in their suitcases for the Camp Snack Shop and are dropped off by their “House Staff” in Rolls Royces and Bentleys. The tuition for some of the camps on the East Coast are $11,000 plus for a 7 week session (Oh, but there is a sibling discount of $100 – whoopee!). There are levels of over-indulgent. Anyway, I think that would be great for them.

So that is why I am helping them find camp jobs, there are benefits in it for me, my checkbook and most importantly for the boys. Of course, I will miss them terribly and it will be painfully quiet around here.

The other thing I am pondering is the issue of the green traffic sign (see The Traffic Sign). This situation is heating up.  The first green traffic sign met an untimely death, and so another traffic sign has appeared in the middle of the street.  It completely impedes traffic and is annoying the snot out of all the people that live down our end because we have to navigate around the sign and the children and the bikes scattered about in the middle of the street.  Well, my oldest irritated one of the Dads who are responsible for that sign being erected.  The Dad follows him down the street, and waits for him to get out of his car, with his arms belligerently crossed in front of him, impatiently tapping his foot.  He tells my son” Hey, you better slow down, because if you hit one of my kids, you will be sorry.”  What an inane thing to say – let’s just say he is not a Mensa candidate.  My son, who has been so incredibly annoyed by all of this, says “I was going the speed limit, and besides the street is not a place where responsible (I think there was an over-emphasis placed on the “responsible”) parents should let their children play.”  Well, as you can imagine this did not sit well with the Dad, and with much grunting, and beating of fists upon his skinny chest, he makes an aggressive advance towards my son.  My son is 6’ 4” and can do bicep curls with something like 125 pound dumbells in each hand.  My son goes barreling towards him, the Dad stops, seeing his bluff has been called, and hightails it back down the street to his green turtle with the red cap, holding a flag sign, saying something about “this is not over”.

I too fear this is not the last of this drama. Maybe Netflix could do an original series on “The Green Turtle Traffic Sign.”

There is one last thing I am thinking about. I had this dream last night – it went like this.  I fall asleep with my laptop opened and facing towards me on my bed.  I am having the nicest dream (in my dream) and I hear a voice.  At first I think it is a voice from my dream, the one I am having a dream about, and I ignore it.  But like the alarm clock, one can only ignore it for so long, and it breaks through the dream state.  I wake up from my dream.  I have had one of those naps that were so intense, I feel weak and shaky and everything has blurry edges around it.  I blink, and blink some more.  I feel like I am being watched.  When my eyes finally do clear, I realize I am, in fact, being watched.  There is a huge eye staring at me from my computer screen.  It blinks.  I blink, thinking what freaky website did I stumble upon before falling asleep?  It blinks again and then looks directly at me.  I can tell it is looking at me, because the pupil of the eyeball slightly constricts, as if it is focusing. I hear a voice “Hello SD.”  What the heck I think to myself.  “I have been waiting for you.” In my dream, I roll off the bed and plummet to the floor.  I think the fall woke me from my dream (my real dream).  But I have been thinking about that eye ever since.  It is one of those dreams that you can’t get out of your head, and I am thinking what if I had stayed asleep, would the eye have appeared on my phone?  Would it be on my computer at work, just blinking and staring back at me?  What does it all mean?

I have completely procrastinated, put off all the things I should be doing, and instead wrote a post about summer camps, green turtle signs and disembodied eyes. I realize it is Sunday, and regrettably I have stuff to do.

Ta-ta for now!

Have a good week!!!!!!!!

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  1. When I think of summer camp I think of the Addams Family. One of my favorite movies lines comes from it. Some dippy blonde girl who wants to be included in some dippy camp activity says: “I’ll play the victim.” And Wednesday says under her breath: “Always.” Hope your boys enjoy their time at camp, and don’t end up playing the victim. 😉

    • Ha-Ha – very unlikely that either of them will ever be the victim, at 6’4″ and 6’6″ and all muscle they are quite imposing. When they are around, I feel quite petite and at 5’9″ that is not something I have ever been able to say.
      I do hope they can get positions somewhere, I think it would be really good for them.

  2. Wow that is a lot going on my friend. But let me just tell you, I soooo agree with the whole rationale of having your sons forego the fast food job ordeal. You have done the math and it makes perfect sense to me. I didn’t make my son work. However, right before he went off to college he got interested in fitness. At first he was just wanting to lose weight but it evolved from there. He is now a Certified Personal Trainer through the American College of Sports Medicine. He is a real fanatic and has a crazy eating schedule that includes a massive number of calories and every macronutrient is accounted for so I really get your challenge. Your plan is actually ingenious and I died laughing as you described the details.

    As for your crazy neighbor. I suspect that he’d rather run through Hades with gasoline pants on than to deal with a mom who is going to protect her cubs–let’s hope it doesn’t come to that!

    I’ll send good vibes your way !

    Best wishes from one mom to another–our work is NEVER done!

    • Oh, so you know exactly what buying groceries is like to feed these guys and I have 2 eating 6 meals a day. It is like having babies again, feeding time every 3 hours. Thankfully, they kind of know how to cook, but would rather pop out and get sushi – I always hold my breath for that one because it is usually 3 rolls a piece – EEK!!!
      We have a food scale and everything is weighed to the gram. Nice to know someone else is going through this, but I am sure you are like me, so proud of them for accomplishing such an achievement. Thank-you for the lovely comment and the words of support!!!!
      PS. The green turtle sign was not out – so it is a good day in the neighborhood.

  3. I hope your boys are successful with getting jobs at summer camps!

    A rival traffic group, maybe the Pink Panthers, should step up and go to war.

    • I am afraid a war has started and it ended up in my front yard the other day – I will have to write a post about it it – because it was unbelievable.

  4. Well, that certainly was a mix of things to be thinking about. Ha. The summer camp thing sounds like a perfect fit for your boys. I worked at a movie theater (Woodfield, if you’ve heard of it) for 15 months, made $2.25 an hour and loved every minute of it. I made friends from all over the suburban area, we’d go out every night after work. I’ll never forget those days.

    So, let me get this straight, kids play in the middle of the street and the people who drive down it are at fault?

    Did you really have a dream about an eyeball on your computer screen? I know you fooled me once and had me believing something happened in that ghost town you visited. I’ve had dreams where something or someone greets me in a dream (not an eyeball), and I believe it was my angel guide or guardian angel. I used to have spiritual dreams all the time when my first dog was alive. They went away after he left. Sometimes I think he brought spirituality into my life. Sigh.

    Oops, went on a bit. Good luck with the summer camp jobs.

    • Hi Lori, we are still working on the camp applications, they are painfully in depth, but the boys have had some really nice Directors call. Camp people all seem to talk the same, I listened to one voicemail and I was having flashbacks to my days when I went to camp.
      I did actually have a dream about an eyeball, I don’t know what it all means, but it is still kind of haunting me.

  5. That was a freaky dream. It sounded like a high-tech IT version of Lord of the Rings. Now I’ll be looking carefully at all of my screens (I have quite a few when you add them up) trying to find eyes.

    I’m sorry to hear that the sign saga is still ongoing. I thought the problem had been flattened. I’m not very worried about either of your sons, though. I’ve seen them in a photograph before and they look very much like the kind of people who can take care of themselves.

    At least, I’m not worried about your sons when it comes to the irate guy down the street. Things are a bit trickier when it comes to dealing with camp. When I checked, it seems that sometimes the kids can be pretty young. I suddenly had flashbacks to the movie Kindergarten Cop.

    • Oh the sign saga has become so much more interesting, so much so, I must write a post about it. We are still working on finding a camp for the boys to work at this summer, the clock is ticking down. I think part of the weeding out process is a test in endurance – the application requires almost an entire thesis to be written about everything. I have been helping them fill these things out, and even I am getting tired of typing.
      The dream was definitely interesting and startling. I don’t know what to think of it.
      PS. I just saw the part where you said you thought the sign issue had been flattened – ha, ha, ha, that’s funny,

  6. Very strange dream. Conspiracy theorists insist that the government is spying on us through our computers. Hmm. A summer camp job for the boys sounds perfect. I was a camp counselor for years and it was so much fun. Good luck with the search!

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