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I have been nominated by Lady G over at seekthebestblog for The Dragon Loyalty Award. I stumbled across her wonderful blog during the A-Z Blog Challenge and I am so glad I did.   She is a brilliant writer with a beautiful blog site.

I have been tasked with writing 7 interesting things about myself.   I am not feeling very interesting these days, I feel like I am in a rut – Get up, go to work, come home, make dinner, lay about, go to bed and start the whole process over the next day and the next day and so on and so forth.

So I have decided to write about my most interesting illnesses and injuries, of which I have many.

  1. I locked my thumb in a car door. I was in Kaiserslautern Germany, and my friends had to go to the Army base to do some administrative stuff. I had initially decided to stay in the car while they went into one of the office buildings. But then I made the not so wise decision to get out of the car, and in the process of closing the car door, my thumb became stuck in the door. The door was locked. I stood there for about 10 minutes, with my thumb locked in the door waiting for my friends to come back. Two fellows came by and asked what I was doing. I told them. They asked me if it hurt. Really?
  2. I contracted Pertussis about 4 years ago – despite being fully immunized with a recent booster shot. I have to thank all those brilliant parents who choose not to immunize their children because of concern for their child’s “well-being”, for allowing me to get this illness. And I was on-call the weekend I began coughing. My coworkers did not step up to take my place, and once the Positive results came back, letters had to be sent out to everyone (over 150 people) I came into contact with, about their potential exposure to Pertussis, thanks to me. I felt like a leper.
  3. I fell into the pool skimmer one evening (the little hole on the pool deck, where leaves and stuff get trapped), while outside in my backyard. Someone had left the cap off and I walked right into it. I am not sure how I didn’t break my leg, but I did suffer a 1.5 inch deep stab wound in my shin, that took about 12 weeks of twice daily dressings and packing to heal.
  4. I contracted Rubella in my 20s – again I was fully immunized, and again I have to thank all the non-immunized people around me for the 6 weeks of arthralgias, not being able to walk, and fevers that I suffered. I ended up in the hospital for about 1 week because of the severity of the illness.
  5. I broke my tailbone (or coccyx) while bareback riding on a horse when I was 11. I had coaxed the horse into a gallop and must have come down on the horse’s spine at just the right angle. The neurosurgeon I went to see shortly afterwards told me the way my coccyx had been crushed would affect my ability to deliver children. I let my Obstetrician know when I was pregnant with my first child about this and they said – Oh no, you are a big girl (what the heck? Was that a fat joke – I am 5’ 9”) you can deliver this baby naturally. This was in Japan. After six hours of pushing (the standard back then said a C-section should be done after three hours – just my luck), they decided to perform a C-section. Unfortunately, I had done such a fantastic job of pushing, my son’s head was completely wedged in the birth canal, which led to several very scary minutes of trying to push him back up, so they could deliver him via C-Section. Because of all the manipulation to my insides, I developed an ileus, and spent the whole week thinking about the gravestone in England my Dad had told me about – it said “He died for the want of a fart.” I totally get that!!!
  6. I developed Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever in 1989. This is a tick-borne illness. I had the bulls-eye lesion, must have been bitten by a tick in Maryland, but I didn’t develop the symptoms until I was in Wichita Falls, Texas. I spent 3 days going back and forth to the ER (at the Air Force base – where I was at Officer Indoctrination School) with fevers to 103 and being told it was a viral illness. I spent a week in the hospital, my fevers maxed out at 105.6, with a roommate that was a diabetic, who kept sneaking little cakes and sandwiches and then acting totally surprised that her blood sugars were completely whacky. It was only because my Company Commander was an Infectious Disease physician and he recognized the rash, that they were able to treat me correctly after the diagnosis was made.
  7. I knocked myself out after hitting my head on the lower bar in my closet one day, looking for shoes at the bottom of my closet, and gave myself a concussion. I collapsed on my bathroom floor and no one even knew what had happened to me. When I did finally come to, with a cracking headache, my Great Dane, Newman was standing over me with his jowls 2 inches from my face. I felt horrible for days after that.

They say – What doesn’t kill you, will make you stronger. I wholeheartedly agree with that!!!!!

There are rule to this awards and they are as follows:

  1. Display the award on your blog.
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  3. Present 6 deserving bloggers with the award.
  4. Link your awardees in the post.
  5. Write 7 interesting things about you.

Here are 6 bloggers who I would love to see what interesting things they have to see about themselves.


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To all of those bloggers listed above, please accept the award only if you accept awards, don’t feel you have to though (I have to get ready for work in half an hour – so I didn’t check to see if you actually do accept awards). That’s me being a bit lazy (and pressed for time) – sorry about that.




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  1. Oh my God you are so funny!

    Sorry to laugh at your pain but I feel that I be can honest with you.

    Someone said that coincidences are winks from God and I found a couple of coincidences between you and me.

    The first one is Kaiserslautern, Germany! I mean who, outside of people in Germany, talk about Kaiserslautern? Well I did this whole post called “Imaginary Germany” where I mention K-town, Grunstadt and Sembach Airbase (now defunct I think). Fact is, my dad was an MP in the US Air Force back in the mid 1960’s and he has many fond memories of those places.

    The second one is the story about your baby being wedged in the canal; my son was the same way. They kept the OR on standby thinking that he would have to be delivered by C-section but it all worked out and I was able to deliver him vaginally. Talk about dying for want of a fart? ROTFLMAO!!!

    I just wanted to thank you for your kind words about me and for being a good sport in participating in the award. As a healthcare provider and mother, I know that you lead a very busy life so your taking time to have a bit of fun with this means a lot to me.

    Take care my friend and have a nice day and an awesome weekend!

  2. So many interesting illnesses & injuries. Life can be tricky sometimes, but you seem to have come through with some good stories to tell. Take care this weekend, I don’t want you to have to expand your list to 8!

    [Thanks for the nomination. Not really into doing these anymore, but I appreciate the thought.]

  3. Those are some pretty serious injuries and illnesses. But you came out much stronger and some really great tales to share 🙂
    I hope you don’t have to go through all these ever again 🙂
    Love and best wishes to you.
    And congratulations on the award!!

  4. That was the most interesting set of award answers that I’ve ever read. OMG. Poor you! That’s awful. How is it that you make this sound funny??? I think I was cringing and laughing at the same time!

    And congrats on the award, as well as thank you for the nomination. So kind of you! I’m awards free, but no problem. Who has time to research that stuff anyway? Have a great, relaxing weekend – be healthy and safe!.

  5. After all that lot, I’m amazed you’re still with us. My goodness, what a collection of mishaps. Thanks, by the way, for the mention. I’m not good at following up on awards, I’m afraid, but I do have one injury that I could mention.

    When I was about 14, I was walking toward the exit of my high school’s gymnasium building when the boy in front of me slammed the plate glass door shut. It shattered, with many jagged shards sticking out, and I’m afraid I walked straight into one of them.

    I had a deep cut just below my knee and the blood was coming out in spurts. I stood looking down at the blood pouring everywhere and my thoughts were: a) oh dear, I’m going to get in trouble for making a mess, and b) perhaps I should do something about the fact blood is pumping out my leg.

    I somehow managed to hobble to the school nurse’s office way over at the other side of the school. When I eventually got there, I hoped she might notice my heroism by saying something like, “What a brave boy you are, Bun!” In fact, she rolled her eyes and said, “What a stupid boy you are! Why didn’t you ask someone to come and get me?”

    • Oh man, that is horrible. And you didn’t receive one ounce of empathy or sympathy. From what I gather, one had to be tough to survive as a student in the English schooling system. I have walked into my fair share of plate glass windows (good thing I am not a bird) but luckily they were all intact. I got in trouble one time for getting a sunburn, my grandmother (who was British) was so mad at me, she made me stay in my room for 2 days, and it wasn’t my fault either – she is the one that took me to the horse races on an usually sunny day and we stayed out in the sun all day (pre sunscreen era) and I am a redhead, so I was scorched. I never understood why I was in trouble. And there you were gushing blood everywhere and they were angry because you carried yourself to the Nurses office? What the heck?

      • Lucky, even at the time, I was pretty amused by being scolded rather than upset by it. The whole episode seemed so unreal. I was also quite happy to be taken to the hospital (for some kind of shot and some stitches) and away from my classes.

        I’m sorry to hear you were scolded for getting sunburn. That doesn’t sound very fair. The adults around you should have known better.

      • It was probably a good lesson, because I avoid the sun – and that’s a good thing with me being a freckled redhead.

    • Oww – your cheekbone – did you have to have surgery. It is surprising that any of us survive all the falls we have taken on our bikes over the years.

  6. OMG, and here I was being a baby about the metapneumovirus I had contracted in April. You have been through so much worse! It takes hearing what other people are going through to yank back our own problems and say, “I’ll stick with my own, thank you.”

    BTW, I knocked myself unconscious once, too. I was bike riding and fell. The concussion left me with no memory of the fall. I remember riding my bike, then someone was waking me up from the concrete. I saw something miraculous while unconscious. Still debating with myself on posting that story.

    So glad you made it through all those illnesses for me to meet you in the blogging world.

    • Hi Lori, how funny I knocked myself unconscious after falling off a tandem bike with my best friend. There was a little can in the basket that had some water in it, it spilled by head, and when I awoke I thought the water was brains that had gushed all over the side walk. You should post about what you saw, after you woke up. I hope you do.
      I too am glad to have survived my various injuries and illnesses so we could meet. I wonder if we ever crossed paths in Chicago and never knew it.
      That metapneumovirus has been so nasty, we have seen so many kids with it in our hospital. It really knocks the little ones about. I am glad you have recovered fully.

    • Hee-hee. Yes and I actually tried to pull my thumb out of the locked door, which made things SO much worse. And then a week later, I went canoeing with my brother, I managed to capsize the canoe and my thumb splint came off and floated merrily down the river.

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