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Today I did something I have never really done before – I read a Presidential candidate’s stand on issues. I actually Googled “Bernie Sanders Platform on issues” and then realized that’s what Beauty Pageant contestants have, they have platforms.  It turns out Presidential candidates have “stands on issues” not platforms.  I did not know that.  See, that’s how uninvolved in politics I have been.  How sad and pathetic is that?

I must admit something else. I don’t read the news.  Well, I haven’t up until just recently. But this election year has really sent me to the news websites, because we in the United States are facing some really scary times ahead, and even I am aware of that. I generally don’t read the news at all, I like to live in my own bubble, but I am afraid, as Americans, we are really going to screw up majorly if we continue down this path of apathy, this “taking care of number one” mentality and not looking at the big picture.  We are going to get bamboozled into voting for a Presidential candidate, who we view as the lesser of two evils, and then spend the next four years wishing we hadn’t.

In a little under a week, the California Primaries will take place. I surprise myself by knowing this tidbit of information.  But I can assure you, I am going to be there – at the Boy Scouts headquarters down the street, filling out my ballot.  I have to do this.  I cannot sit by idly and let our country, which is already in the toilet – get flushed into the sewer.

I came home last night, after a long day at work, and looked at the news on my phone, gathering up the energy to make a somewhat appetizing dinner. I sit and look at my telephone, reading the news websites about Trump, and his bombastic self, and Hillary and her dishonest self and then there is Bernie Sanders.  He seems like a real person, not a caricature of a person.  He seems sincere, he apparently thinks about issues and he really seems to get what it is to be a working class person. The news says Clinton is going to win the nomination and so we will be stuck between deciding to vote for Trump or Clinton.  What the heck?  That’s like having to decide between being burnt to death or disemboweled.

So then I Googled “What if I don’t want to vote for Clinton or Trump, because they both suck?” These were the results on the first page:











Obviously, there are a HUGE amount of people out there that are is the same quandary as I am. What to do? Then I started thinking, assuming it comes down to Trump or Clinton, which according to the news it will, what can I do to protest this circus of an election (apparently the whole world thinks our American Presidential election is a total joke).   I mean, I have so little of a voice, I can’t even get AT&T to stop charging me data overage charges, how on earth is my one little vote going to make any difference.  I sat and pondered that for a while, along with what the heck was I going to make for dinner, and wouldn’t it just be better if I sent the boys out for dinner, but then they would want Sushi and I don’t want to spend a boatload of money on Sushi when my underwear drawer has more holes in it than a block of Swiss Cheese. So, I Googled – what if I write in Bernie Sanders as a candidate instead of being forced to choose between two candidates I really don’t trust and who honestly scare the crap out of me?

I found this website “Citizens Against Plutocracy”. Very interesting, and basically it is a movement to garner one million pledges to write-in Bernie Sanders on the Presidential Election ballot. Honestly, I was about to look up the definition of “Plutocracy” but then after reading a bit more, the definition was kindly provided.  I signed up, I took the pledge, and I am doing something to protect the United States from the ravages that will inevitably and irrevocably scour the face of the last bit of what used to be a great country.

Having never posted anything at all about religion or politics, I take a stand on this now, because this is really, really important. We as Americans, need to rise up, and say enough is enough.  We are tired of being walked all over, being taken advantage of, and we will not be forced into voting for a candidate we don’t believe in, just because they are less distasteful than the other candidate.  We have bailed big banks out, we have watched our incomes drop, and the majority of us are living paycheck to paycheck while no one is Washington gives a crap.  We are a country run by big corporations, and the corporations are getting bigger and stronger while we get weaker and weaker. We have to fight this. We cannot settle.

I used to say I would move to Australia if either Trump or Clinton became President. But you know what, I am not being chased out of this country – I will stand fast and do something.

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    • I thought it sounded interesting, but I have been made aware that Bernie’s beliefs verge on Socialism, boy I wish I had paid more attention in my Government classes. This stuff hurts my brain.

      • I’m the same. I tend not to follow current affairs enough. Then I panic that I don’t know what’s going on!

  1. Oh is so refreshing to see another side of this. The side where we stand up againt Big Corp and Big Pharma and the padding of pockets. I’m going to take the pledge too, even though Bernie won the Indiana Democratic Primary. But we as a nation have become one of instant gratification because of the Internet, social media and so on. And so many Americans are being guided by their FEARS not what is in the best interest of the country AS A WHOLE. We must also know that if Mr. Sanders is elected, it won’t be and instant turn about for his stance on issues. It will take time. And i think that’s the BIGGEST thing is that the people think Temp will get things done ASAP, when in reality, it won’t.

    • Hi my Sassy friend. I agree, we need fresh ideas and perspectives. We need someone in office that isn’t in the back pocket of all the corporations, someone that cares about the “little guy” – the people without big bucks and power. I am tired of working and working, and as the middle class I get screwed every which way. It seems to me, it is the middle class that pays for everything, and although our family has a pretty good income on paper, in reality we are much worse off than we were 10 years ago. Something has to change. People keep telling me there are other options, but no one has told me what they are. Is there someone else out there, another candidate I haven’t heard about. This politics thing is a very scary thing, maybe I will just recede back into my little bubble, filled with flower and cute puppies and not worry about this anymore.
      Hope you are doing well!!!!!!

  2. I absolutely agree with you. this election is a circus. The wife says that she will have to vote for Hillary to make her stand against the man with the small hands and I know a lot of people who feel that way.

  3. I agree the choices are slim this election cycle, and I won’t attempt to tell you how to vote. I would suggest that in doing your research, you do a little investigating on Socialism. What it is, what it means for all citizens, and the how well it has or hasn’t done in countries like Venezuela. Bernie Sanders sounds great – free everything to everyone. But who shall pay for it all? I’m a conservative. I believe in less government, not more. I believe in the constitution and states rights, the 2nd amendment, etc., etc. I’ve watched our country over the last eight years become more divided than ever, progressive and secular movements shove changes down our throats with which I don’t agree. In good conscience, I could never vote for Hilary- her policies would bring four more years of Obama – unacceptable. Yes, we have a difficult choice. I hope we all make the right one – the survival of our country depends on it. @sheilamgood at Cow Pasture Chronicles

    • Thanks Sheila for your thoughtful comments. I know so little about politics but your comment helps me understand things a bit better. So is it Trump we need to vote for, to deep Hillary out?
      Am I the only person who is this confused about all of this?

  4. I don’t discuss politics on my blog, only because it’s an author’s blog for entertainment. However, I’m strongly opinionated on this topic. I do keep informed because I feel it’s necessary.

    Having said that, the two presumptive nominees are both equally evil. Neither is lesser than the other. Which means, I will vote for neither one. I already voted in my primary, and at that time, I had a choice to vote for freedom. Apparently, more people are interested in less freedom these days. I will not vote for socialism either. It’s just another word for “soft tyranny.” Knowing history, soft tyrannies eventually turn into hardcore tyrannies. I don’t think people associate the state we’re in with the mistakes made by present leadership, which is a socialist base.

    This country has already been changed into socialism, or a soft tyranny, because our rights are dwindling away one at a time. I will not vote for additional rights to be taken away from additional socialist agendas.

    Sorry, I am over opinionated sometimes, but there you have it.

    • So what are our options Lori?
      I am not as well-versed in all of this as I know you are. But I am worried, this post was written from a political idiot’s (that would be me) and I am not privy to any other alternatives, I am functioning as an average American voter.

      • I wouldn’t tell someone how to vote. But, the only option we have, I think, is to get involved. Stand for something. I’m going to be looking into the other people who are running for office, like congressmen and senators. Vote in the ones I think could possibly push back with either of these presidents. But, I don’t have high hopes there either. Sometimes it just feels hopeless to me. So, I prepare. Have food storage. Water filter. Have items I might need if things get worse. They’re good to have anyway, in case of a storm or something. Wish I had some better answers. Sigh.

      • But isn’t that just like putting our heads in the sand and letting what will happen, happen? Is that the answer to all of this. Just weather the storm and hope someone more suitable comes along at the next election? This is all so disheartening. Thanks for your comments Lori, I appreciate the input😊

      • We must stay informed. Like I said, we can also get involved with candidates (aside from potus) on smaller levels. We have to start from the bottom to change things. Meaning, start locally and take stands, back the right people (through educating ourselves). Not everything depends on just one man fixing everything for us. That’s the problem, everyone thinks if they just have the right potus, all will be well. So, some “tough guy” comes around acting like he’s got a magic wand, and people would rather he fix it for them then getting involved themselves. Potus isn’t the only one making decisions for our country. Seems many have forgotten JFK’s speech. “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.” Just my thoughts.

      • That’s a really good point and I have to say I am guilty of not being involved. I just sense such apathy around me, like we are all so beaten down and tired. There is nothing inspiring, but maybe it is our responsibility to inspire one another. That is definitely food for thought. Thank-you Lori for helping me understand a bit better. That’s what I love about this blogging community, so many smart and wise individuals are out there in the blogging world.

  5. Anybody who is willing to make an honest assessment of all options before making a decision-like you clearly have done –automatically gets my respect!

    It’s the sheep (for either party) that scare me!

    • Apparently there are other options that I am just not seeing. But it is a big secret, because no one will let me know who these candidates are, or what other options are available. So people are telling me I am thinking of voting for the wrong person, and I feel stupid about this, so does it really boil down to voting for either Trump or Clinton? Is that right. I do not know.

      • Unfortunately my friend it looks like we are in a situation where we will have to select the lesser of two evils.
        That said, I like Bernie but I don’t think that he could really implement the changes that he talks about. He’d get a ton of push back from Congress.
        I simply cannot with Trump; he is waaaay to divisive.
        So for me, it’s probably Hillary.
        As you know from previous discussions, I hate talking politics for fear that some jackass will try to pummel me for stating my opinion. I am hopeful that that won’t happen here.
        Not sure if that helps but it’s where I stand.

      • Thank you my friend. I hope there is no pummeling but if there is it will probably be me for being so ignorant about all of this. I suspect a majority of the American people are going through the same process of elimination that we are. Thanks for the straight forward answer.

      • No worries!
        You are a very intelligent and discerning person. I am confident that you’ll make the decision that makes most sense to you.

      • I intend starting it tomorrow when I take the dog for a walk and collect a big bunch of stinging nettles. I’ve hidden some hostas from PIL!

      • Our hostas have completely disappeared. I think they put up a good fight and then gave up. I see, despite the heat, the slugs are encroaching on my garden in great hordes. But I think I am getting smart about this, I have discovered they don’t seem to like begonias, or impatiens (so far). We shall see how these bedding plants fare through the summer.

  6. I don’t see much in the way of choices among these candidates. They’re all east coast, polished orators, who are too old to be president. I want someone under 50 who hails from anywhere but NY/New England, is college-educated, knowledgeable about the world, and knows how to use politics to bring people together, not tear them apart. Idealistic? Maybe. But this is a huge country and these 3 yahoos are all we’ve got?! We can do better.

    • I agree. So what do we do in the meantime while we are looking for this person. who do we pick? No one seems to have any answers,

  7. I lived in Vermont when Bernie was in out state government and then when he won the US Senate seat. He was great and consistent and he supported the same issues he talks about now. He’s awesome, but I will do what it takes to make sure Trump has no chance. That man is a nightmare. 🙁

  8. I love Bernie Sanders. If he doesn’t get the nomination (unlikely, but with Hillary’s issues and a lot of her votes tied up in superdelegates, ya never known!), I’ll be voting for Dr. Jill Stein of the Green Party since we can’t do write-ins in SC — she is very similar to Bernie and who, IMO, women who are only voting for Hillary because she’s a woman should be looking to.

  9. I took a quiz on-line (don’t remember which one, but there are plenty on Google). It was very detailed about all the issues and told me the candidate who most closely matched my opinions. That seemed to be a good start for me at least.

  10. I am not an american citizen but i am worried about what happens to this country because i do live here. The situation seem to be hopeless, but one this i can say is that people of this country. they can’t give up hope. There shouldn’t have to chose between two people they don’t even want to be there is the first place. If i were you i would do research of the socialism thing. yes there have been a few failed state because of it but most country who have tried it have not. country who have failed while trying socialism are country pretty much the whole wold would not talk to. they were isolated and no one would do business with them because of their believes, this why countries like Venezuela (country us hates by the way) and others have failed and still are failing. but on the other hand you have a long list of country who are even more socialist then Venezuela that are doing very well. all of the Nordic countries of Europe (Finland, Sweden, Iceland, Denmark) and others have socialism and do well. it’s not just Nordic countries but a lot other European country follow that system and are pretty fine to me. know why? because over there the people’s voice matter more and nobody has isolated them. no matter what system whether capitalism or socialism a country chose if they are to be isolated they will fail., so don’t listen to people telling that socialism countries fail because that isn’t true at all. I happen to be one of the few people who do research of that kind of stuff. i hate this system where people have to chose from option given to them. people don’t get to have all the options anymore, a few do and we the rest have to deal with whatever they have chosen for us. If you want to fight this system you must look at all of the options (even the ones that seem awful). look the information for yourself and decide what is best for you. it’s your vote so it’s up to you to decide who you vote for. i don’t have any problem with blues and reds, Donald trump van and Clinton fans or Bernie fans. what i do have a problem with is when people chose those people base of misinformation the press and other people have given them. you want to truly fight the power? then you need to have knowledge. knowledge is power and this why the few who control you in this country knows this why they will tell you some truth and some lies, because if you knew the whole truth you would know better than to listen to them. I am an outsider to american politics so i really and not on nay side whether it is’ Bernie or Clinton or trump or libertarians. i just want people that are the side they say they want actually know what they are standing for. I glad you wrote this piece because i get confuse sometimes at this whole mess myself.

    • Hi my friend – thank-you so much for the thoughtful comment. The whole situation is disastrous – but I do know one thing. I will not vote for a person that has been proven to be a bold-faced liar their entire career. If I have to vote for the over-the-top, brash, overly American business man that is what I will do, to keep the self-serving, opportunistic lying piece of garbage out of office.

      • I see…I don’t like both candidate. I would prefer not have to chose between them. Trump says the most outrageous things. He has no real plan and plans and contradict himself so much. he has a deep hate immigrants and as an immigrant myself I don’t appreciate that on bit. He is very irrational and gets upset so easily, it will make you question if he won’t invade a country just for making fun of him. More wars isn’t what this country needs and he seems like the kind of strong man who would cause more wars. Trump is a walking closet full of controversy that i don’t trust one bit. Clinton well, you already what she is. She is arguably the most fake politician in the country’s history. She is a living puppet, ready to be use by anyone who has enough money to buy. You can smell the dirty corrupt politicians from her miles away!!! I like freedom, I like to be able to have the best options for thing that matters you know? like another option like Gary Johnson or Jill Stein (the top 2 third party candidate). those two may not win but they will defiantly take away votes from people like trump and Clinton. When it come to something like president people should not have to chose between two very awful candidate and have rationalize which is less bad. Is that the standards and examples we want to set for our kids? With that being said i have no problem for people voting for either Trump or Clinton, I believe all of those people are just victim of this corrupt system where you have to chose from people who you would not even want to be friends with if you were to know them. A system that forced people like Bernie out and forced to support the most corrupt politician ever. We have to fight a system that has stopped working for us. WE have to make it that the people we want in office. Not people we were forced to chose because we thought they were the lesser of two evil.

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