My friend at Whimsical Wordsmith has decided to delve into the “blogosphere” and her first post is absolutely brilliant. She has stories from her childhood that make my childhood look quite boring and mundane. Please take the time to read her post and welcome her. Thank-you!!!!


Does anyone know what this word means anymore?  hitchhiking?   I grew up in the 70’s, in Chico, CA…. raised by a single (hippie) mom… one of 7 kids.  We were dirt poor and didn’t have a car so if we wanted to go anywhere – we walked – and if it was too far to walk – we hitchhiked.   As a result – we hitchiked everywhere.   The beach,  the redwoods, the mountains, you name it…If we wanted to go to the coast – my sisters  and I would  collect coke bottles and turn them in for 10 cents apiece which we would give to the person to pay for the gas.  My mom was a very pretty lady in her day (Las Vegas dancer) – and getting a ride was normally not a problem – cars stopped all the time.  Keeping the ride was another matter entirely…

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