End of Transmission

sign off picture

We have momentarily interrupted this transmission. We hope to have this technical issue resolved by the end of the summer.

We  apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

We have included the following musical interlude for your listening enjoyment.

Please check back later.

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    • Thanks so much!!!! Good luck with the “Slug-Be-Gone Elixir”. I am on a writing roll – so hopefully if this pace keeps up, should be done with first draft by the end of the summer. Thanks for the support!!!!!

  1. Ha ha. Nice. Have a wonderful intermission from blogging – it can definitely take a huge bite out of writing time, not to mention life! Have an amazing summer!

  2. Enjoy your summer off from blogging. Looking forward to your return, if only to discuss your misguided idea that anyone can “Spend too much time blogging.” Pish posh, I say.

    • Hi Ann, I miss you too. I am at an impasse in my book, stumped at a certain spot, and so I thought I would come over to my blog and there you were. Hope all is well. Thanks for coming to check on me!!!!!

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