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Mom Strike – Day 1

Day 1

Here is the latest report from the picket lines at the home of S.D. Gates. 

Things are grim.  There has been little to no progress in negotiations.  This may be because the group being demonstrated against is unaware of the strike as they never read my blog.  In fact, from where I stand, things have fallen into total chaos.

Please be forewarned the following photos are of a graphic nature, and for most mothers/fathers will cause total frustration and contempt.

The half-empty water bottles are proliferating.

The pre-strike kitchen countertop (which was tidy and clean) has become increasingly littered with discarded debris.

Items have been thrown willy-nilly across the furniture of the living room and family room (even the dogs are aghast).

And the bathroom countertops are littered with dropped items.

The kitchen sink is filled with used utensils and plates (Images too horrific to display).

There has been no attempt by family members to put their laundry that was folded before the strike away.

I fear this will get worse before it gets better.

There was a glimmer of hope last night when my oldest decided to fold the throw blanket up and return it to its place at the end of the chaise.  But that hope dissipated when he left several water bottles on the kitchen counter and clothes on the living room sectional.

I hope I can stay strong, but the disarray in our house is messing with my determination.

Until next time, this is S.D. Gates reporting from the picket line (of one) at her house.

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