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A New Family Member

Back in December, one of my patient’s Moms called saying her Husky had unexpectedly had a litter of puppies.  She asked me if I would like a puppy.  We already have two really well-behaved dogs, Maxie (the Golden Retriever) and Mikey (the Great Dane) who are definitely set in their routines.  The thought of bringing a puppy into the mix, and going through the puppy phase was a little daunting to say the least.  I said I would talk to my family and get back to her.  Of course my boys were totally on board, and “Yes, we must have a cute a** puppy!”.  My husband was a bit more reserved about the whole deal, but surprisingly agreed rather quickly to having a new puppy.

We went to see the litter, and they were the most scrumptious bunch of puppies I had ever seen.  I have always been a Great Dane person, but I have to say Husky puppies are so incredibly cute, and fluffy.  We chose the most vocal and spunky puppy of the group, and went to pick him up last week.

He is doing amazingly well, for being such a little thing, and seems to have picked up the whole potty-training thing, and has quickly grasped how important it is to sleep through the night (and not annoy his adopted Mother – who would be me.)

Maxie (the Golden Retriever) has become his protector, and keeps a close eye on the little puppy.  He is showing the puppy the ropes, how to explore the gardens safely, how not to fall in the pool – Maxie is a good big brother.

Maxie does not like having his tail used as a tug-of-war toy and tells Genghis off.

Maxie is a very patient big brother.

Mikey, however, is still sizing up the puppy, and is a little skittish around him.  Which is funny when you think about it, because Mikey weighs about 145 more pounds than little puppy, but puppy doesn’t care, he just bounces around and has no fear.  That is why the boys decided to name him Genghis Khan – Mighty War Lord.  They want to get ancient Chinese armor for him.  Hmm.

Genghis – the Mighty War Lord fears nothing.

Genghis has acquired other names along the way (all our dogs have multiple names – Maxie is Mostifi, Bear Dog and Mikey is Ebazulou).  Genghis is called Genghy, Pooper, and Vanderhooven – for now.  He seems to respond to all of those names.



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