In my last post, which sadly has been several weeks ago, I announced the arrival of our new family member, who still really doesn’t have a formal name, but has many names (Please see below for the list of names now assigned to our puppy).  We brought a tiny, little puppy into our house, a Husky.  He was 4 pounds when he arrived and now he tips the scale at about 25 pounds.

My Golden Retriever has grown fond of the Little Tiny Puppy (which is my name for him).  And the puppy adores Maxie and is constantly irritating the snot out of him, nipping at his face, trying to catch Maxie’s fluffy tail and generally just being a total pest.

Mikey, the Great Dane until recently has not tolerated Little Tiny Puppy at all.  He seems almost scared of him, which is really quite amusing considering the height and weight difference.


But over the last several days, while Mikey thought I wasn’t looking, I have seen him play with Little Tiny Puppy.  And today, they stood together, and surveyed their domain.  We have had a breakthrough!!!!!


List of Names Assigned to New Puppy as of March 4, 2017

  • Genghis Khan
  • Gingy
  • Vanderhooven
  • Little Tiny Puppy
  • Lt. PAP (Little Tiny Punk Ass Puppy)
  • CPAP (Cute Punk Ass Puppy)
  • Domingo Puppy
  • Pooper
  • Little Dude
  • Leaf Man (he has an unnatural obsession with leaves, twigs, anything botanical)



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    • I wonder why that is. I wonder if they are not aware of the size difference. But either way, Mikey is a special dog, it took him about 2 years to get used to us. So really, he is warming up to Little Tiny Puppy quite quickly!!

      • I think you might be right. Being a Husky – he is very, very vocal and quite dramatic. He makes terrible little squealy noises and it is quite alarming when he gets under someone’s feet. I think Mikey maybe doing everything he can too avoid all that noise.

  1. Puppy Snowy (as was nearly four years ago) and Big Dog Pippa (GSD/husky cross – I bet he was a beautiful pup) rubbed along nicely. Pippa maybe barked at him a couple of times. He could get Snowy’s head in his jaws! Now we’ve got Tosca, who is much younger than Pippa was, and the same breed as Snows, they can indulge in evil playtime together. Much snarling, furling of lips and piranha teeth.

    Tiny Little Pup has Very Large Feet. Methinks will become Very Large Husky.

    • I was just looking at photos of your new pup. Yes, we have what my kids refer to as “Epic Death Battles” which are very much like the ones you experience at your house. Lots of gnashing of teeth, and growling, but luckily all in fun. I think you are right, Little Tiny Puppy seems to grow every single night. He eats as much as the big puppies and then wants more. We seem to grow unusually large dogs at our house. My friend at work has one of Little Tiny Puppy’s sisters and she is only about 12 pounds, Little Tiny Puppy is about twice her size.

    • Watching Little Tiny Puppy, who seems to be getting less little and tiny every day, is really way more entertaining than watching TV.

    • Yes I quite like Vanderhooven – I don’t know which one of us came up with that one, but it is a name he will definitely have to grow into.

    • Thanks Ann – my husband came up with that one. It is kind of funny that CPAP should be a name we have come up, especially since I work in ENT with patients that have obstructive sleep apnea, and sometimes require CPAP – maybe their snoring would get better if they all had cute punk ass puppies.

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