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In my last post, which sadly has been several weeks ago, I announced the arrival of our new family member, who still really doesn’t have a formal name, but has many names (Please see below for the list of names now assigned to our puppy).  We brought a tiny, little puppy into our house, a Husky.  He was 4 pounds when he arrived and now he tips the scale at about 25 pounds.

My Golden Retriever has grown fond of the Little Tiny Puppy (which is my name for him).  And the puppy adores Maxie and is constantly irritating the snot out of him, nipping at his face, trying to catch Maxie’s fluffy tail and generally just being a total pest.

Mikey, the Great Dane until recently has not tolerated Little Tiny Puppy at all.  He seems almost scared of him, which is really quite amusing considering the height and weight difference.

But over the last several days, while Mikey thought I wasn’t looking, I have seen him play with Little Tiny Puppy.  And today, they stood together, and surveyed their domain.  We have had a breakthrough!!!!!

List of Names Assigned to New Puppy as of March 4, 2017



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