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Dear Blogging Friends,

Dear Blogging Friends,
I have been the crappiest blogger ever. I haven’t posted anything since Mother’s Day, which was in May, and we are now closing in on November. What the heck?! What have I been doing with my spare time? I couldn’t tell you, because I don’t really know. This summer has been a blur – just a blur of surviving, getting through the work week, and spending my whole weekend getting ready so I can get through another work week.
I seem to spend a great deal of time looking at the news, which ultimately depresses the snot out of me, and accomplishes nothing. I think I will not do that anymore. It is pointless, and really wastes an inordinate amount of the only spare time I have in the morning.
Last time we talked, I was in the midst of a weight-loss program. I am still losing weight, although the total weekly weight loss has slowed tremendously. I still walk about 3 miles a day, sometimes more, and I am still mindfully eating, avoiding the junk, keeping the portions small and making sure I drink boatloads of water. I am down about 60 pounds, and feel so much better. I carried in a 50 pound bag of dog food from the car the other day, and was huffing and puffing. I realized this is the way I used to feel all the time with those extra 60 pounds on my body. I have about 30 more pounds to go and I should be back to a decent, acceptable weight.
We have adopted another puppy. We now have 4 dogs in our house. I know that seems like a lot of dogs to you, it does to me too. Back in May, we received a call from one of our friends that works at a rescue shelter. A Great Dane mix puppy had been found, in a cardboard box, in the middle of a field in one of the communities near us. He was trapped in the box, and whoever discarded him, had locked him in there with a handful of pinto beans and left him there to die in the sweltering heat. When he came to us, he was merely a bag of bones, covered with fur. He is now a robust puppy, and the sweetest boy ever. Our Husky puppy, Ginghy and he (his name is Bailey – but he goes by Tornabean – don’t ask why – I don’t understand either) are the best of friends and inseparable.


My boys and all of our puppies

We did have a vacation this summer, we went to Mississippi to see my husband’s Mom. His family arranged a family reunion, to be held outside of Jackson, in the woods. It was wonderful seeing all the relatives, and of course there was an enormous amount of food. The boys and their Uncle decided to go out into the pasture and shoot guns. I went along to take photographs. Somehow, I was talked into shooting the sniper rifle. That didn’t end well, because there was such a kickback on the rifle when it went off, the scope bashed me in the middle of my nose and forehead. I was bleeding everywhere and for days after, I looked like I had been in a barroom fight and had not fared so well. I have since recovered.
I have recently come back from visiting my Mom in Indiana. She became quite ill, and I went out to help her. It was so nice spending time with her, as I hadn’t seen her in so many years. She is feeling better, and back to doing her usual things. I took some time to visit my Dad too. He also lives in Indiana but in another town. It was nice to hang out with him, and goof around like we used to. My visit to them makes me realize, we live way too far away, and it would probably be a good idea to move back East, to be closer to everyone. Besides – California is such an odd state, way too expensive, and way too hot in the Summer. And besides, if we moved from California, my brother couldn’t call me anymore and tell me what a buttwipe our Governor is. My brother watches Fox News and gets so aggravated by the news coming out of California.
Those are all the major things that have happened since we last talked. How are things with you? I hope you and your families are happy and well.
Take care. I promise I will be better about posting.



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