Are you becoming mildly agoraphobic – or is it just me?



While drinking my coffee this morning, I looked at the news. Big mistake! The very first two stories were about shootings. More shootings. It seems like an everyday occurrence. I am still reeling from the news of the absolute devastation caused by the Las Vegas shootings. Incidentally, there is very little news anymore concerning the investigation surrounding that story. How easily we seem to forget about important stuff like mass shootings, but can go on for weeks arguing abut the color of a dress or a pair of shoes.  And now there is more shootings? We hear of the shooting down in Texas, in a church no less, a place considered to be safe, a sanctuary – but then no place seems to be safe anymore. And then, much to my horror, I see there has been a shooting in Fresno, which is just a bit too close for comfort. What the heck?

I wonder when this is all going to stop. Does no one in power care about the fact innocent people are dying on almost a daily basis  at the hands of crazed gunmen, with hidden, twisted agendas? Does President Trump care, or is he too busy overfeeding Koi fish in Japan. Are we, the common people, without body guards, or Secret Service protection just sitting ducks, cows in a slaughterhouse, trapped, with no escape?

And why hasn’t anything been done? I understand we have a right to bear arms, per the United States Constitution, but didn’t pertain to the members of a militia carrying guns to protect themselves, in a manner of defense. Not to go around psychotically shooting large groups of people just because their lives suck and they want to leave some warped legacy.

So, do we all need to carry guns? Do we all need to be armed, and would we just revert to a Wild West mentality where there are shoot outs on the main drag in every town? Do I need to arm my children, and carry a loaded gun when I go to the grocery store, the bank or the movie theater? And with us all armed, would Black Friday shopping become a potentially life-threatening situation, when fighting over a ridiculously low-priced television, or the latest and greatest kid’s toy every parent is vying for to have under the Christmas Tree. Would road rage incidents become even more deadly, if we were all armed with guns? I bet the NRA would feel an incredible sense of accomplishment if that occurred- us all becoming gun-wielding citizens.

One of the ladies I work with, is taking an English class. Her assignment last week was to write a persuasive argument. She chose to write about how schools and teachers can protect themselves against gun-toting lunatics who threaten their students. She had to come up with solutions, and asked for her co-worker’s thoughts on what was the best way to do this. One thought, was to arm the teachers. This did not seem like a viable solution, because most parents wouldn’t be very comfortable with the thought of having their children taught by a heavily armed teacher. Another idea was to have all the children wear Kevlar vests and crash helmets. I can’t imagine that would be a healthy thing for the students’ psyche. I thought a lockdown system, controlled by a button, where all the classroom doors locked, and huge bullet-proof shields rolled down over the windows (kind of like the house security system in the movie “The Purge”) might be the answer. But then what if the gunman was locked in a room full of students? All the students in other classrooms would be safe, but the students shut in a room with the gunman would be trapped with no way out.

empty school hall

There seems to be no simple answer.

And while I am typing all of this, I am thinking about when I went to Squadron Officer School in the Air Force. We learned about terrorism. The definition of terrorism is to frighten people, and coerce them. But I remember the Instructor of this particular class saying the ultimate goal of terrorism is to change the way people behave and lead their lives. Well, our own countrymen are doing a really bang-up job of terrorizing the rest of us, because I suspect we are all having conversations like the one at work last week and hopefully becoming a little more wary of our surroundings. I bet these terrorist groups are just sitting back and watching the mayhem, because our fellow Americans are basically doing their job for them.

That’s why I am becoming agoraphobic. I don’t want to go anywhere or doing anything, where I might become a target. No concerts, no crowded arenas, no theaters, I will just stay at home and watch Netflix and do my shopping on line and hopefully I will remain relatively safe. Am I the only feeling this way? And thanks to our government, who is doing a really stand-up of being proactive and caring for the safety of their constituents, I applaud you. NOT!!!


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  1. I find it interesting that as our outside world is becoming more worrisome thanks to unhinged homegrown terrorists, many people are saying exactly what you’re saying: I’ll stay home. As an introvert, it’s my nature to stay home, BUT I wonder if for extroverts this will be a passing phase. Or maybe with the advent of the www and all that one can do from home, this is how life is going to be. No answers here. Just musing on an excellent topic for discussion.

    • Ally, thanks for the comment!!! I am most of the time an introverted extrovert (I don’t mind hanging out with people, although I am happiest by myself), but I just am so leery of going anywhere these days. Even my boys (19 and 21 years of age), expressed concerns about being in public places. My husband had a conversation with a grocery store check-out lady just yesterday, and she said had planned her escape, in case any crazed person came in the store. We, apparently , are all thinking the same thoughts, but no one really seems to want to express their concerns, or come together to devise a solution. Stay safe!!!

      • I’ve been told that I’m “an introvert with an extroverted personality.” I think we may be two peas in a pod. It saddens me to know that store employees are thinking as they are, but I understand why. Take care and stay safe, too.

  2. Well, this post relates to what I wrote on my blog today. However, I didn’t discuss gun control or how to stop it. I expressed my broken heart for the suffering from these tragedies and wishing I knew what to do to help them. You expressed the answer in your paragraph about what you learned about terrorism. Letting the terrorists change the way we live out of fear. The way we live in this country is having the right to bear arms. Allowing crazy lunatics killers to take away that right is based out of fear. They will find ways to kill if they want to kill. Anything can be weaponized, from a vehicle to ammonia. We can’t legislate evil out of people’s hearts.

    The schools where I live, you have to be buzzed in to enter. I needed to pick up my 11 year old nephew at school one day. He wasn’t feeling well. I had to press a doorbell, and even then, the office almost wouldn’t let me in. They had to check with my brother to make sure I was the aunt of the student I was picking up. Although, a killer could use any means of getting in if they really wanted to.

    I don’t know if you’ll read this, but I’ll leave you with one more thing. There is MUCH MORE going on than the American public realizes. It’s what I mention in my post today. I know some of what is really going on. How? It’s easy, I pay attention, use logic and common sense, and research, research, research. The average American isn’t doing this. So, what I want is transparency from government. If Americans knew what was really happening, they’d be able to unify instead of arguing. If Americans knew what was really going on, they’d be able to prepare for things together, as one.

    • Lori, I agree with you on all of your points. My boys are always saying there is so many things the government hides from this country’s citizens. I worry about working in a children’s hospital where we have minimum security. It would be so easy to walk in. My family is actually thinking about purchasing a gun. We live on an isolated cul de sac and historically our city’ police force is unresponsive and never shows up when called. It is definitely getting scary out there.

      • I hope to take a gun class this winter to help me feel more comfortable with my gun. Maybe your entire family can take a class together as you buy your gun.

      • I know it’s probably different with having teenagers in the house, but I was nervous at first, too. Now, I forget they’re here. Although, we had rifles in a gun display case right next to my bedroom when I was growing up. I just hadn’t had any contact with them since I moved out. Curious, did you get training with firearms when you were in the air force?

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