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A – And, how have you been?

And how have you been?  I hope all is well.

I have been mostly absent from the blogging world for most of the year.  Why?  I don’t have the foggiest.  I couldn’t tell you what I have been doing.  I haven’t done anything earth-shattering.  Just been going to work, coming home, doing laundry, cooking dinner and not much more.  I haven’t gone anywhere.  I haven’t written any compelling pieces of literature, and I can’t say I have even done any gardening (although I have thought about).

I have thought about my blogging friends, and wondered how they were doing, and what was on their minds, and how their families were. I think about my blogging friends a lot.  Which is strange, because these are people I have never, ever met, but yet I feel I know more about them than I do about the people at work.  I wonder how my friend Dick Dastardly is doing and will we ever develop the perfect slug deterrent ( he was working with Nettle Juice, I with Lantana).  I wonder about my friend Ann, and will she ever miss a day of blogging, she is on the gazillionth day of blogging daily.  I wonder about my friend David, in Wales, and want to ask him about his successes in Ebay shopping and his grandchildren.  Or my friend Solveig and her family in Paris.  I worried a great deal about them when all that flooding was going on in Paris.  I think about Anxious Mom, and Little Man, and what kind of cool things he might be saying.  That’s what I have been pondering about a great deal. I miss these guys.  I really, really do. And because of all this pondering and wondering, I think I will attempt the A-Z Challenge this year, make a go of it and finish the thing out.  Mostly so I can “see” my blogging friends again (kind of like when I was in school, I went – not to learn stuff, but to see my friends).

For this A-Z challenge, I think my theme will be The World According to S.D., and hopefully I will actually finish this challenge, unlike last year – where I think I stopped at W, or maybe it was X – I don’t actually know.

So…exactly how have you been?



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