J – Jabberwock

The letter “J” in the A- Z Blogging Challenge has presented me  with, well, a challenge.  And I don’t know why.  Why would “J” be such a hard letter to find something to write about.  There are all kinds of words that start with “J”, but none of them are words that I have anything to say about.

For this years challenge, I have written the posts from the time I hang up with my Mum, who (or is it whom – I don’t know) I talk to everyday from 0600-0630 (that’s military time), until 0700 when I have to arise from the patio table, and get ready for work.  I feed the dogs, I make the beds, I set out my scrubs for the day.  I do the dishes, and open the blinds, and turn the aquarium light on.  Today I don’t have to apologize to the fish for not cleaning them out, because I cleaned the aquarium last night and it is sparkling.

So – today’s post is just full of Jabberwock – gibberish and nonsense.  And why does the autocorrect decide that Jabberwock is spelled incorrectly and underlines the word with that annoying red squiggly line?  Hold up, let me right click on it to find out why. Oh, it turns out it wants me to capitalize the word. OK.  I can do that.  There, the red squiggly lines are gone now.   Okay, it is 0659 now, and I usually try and do a 500 word post, and I am presently at 241 words.  Do I just cut my post short, and hope no one notices, or do I try and crank out another 260 words in 1 minute?  Of course, I could push the time I have to get up from the patio table until maybe 0705, but can a person really put over 200 hundred words down on paper, or on the screen in under 5 minutes.  And my coffee cup is scarily low.  I really want to go fill it up, so the coffee is warm and tasty, but that will require at least a minute or two away from the computer screen, and I can’t afford to waste that time.  Besides, I still have to come up with tag words, find a picture of a fancy letter “J” and proofread my post.  I swear doing all of that takes more time than just writing the 500 words for the post.

Today is Wednesday, usually I have quite a few in-patient rounds to do, discharging kids home and stuff.  And I have clinic this afternoon, where we see all the post-ops.  It will be a busy day most likely.  And now Gingy, my Husky, is now running around in my room like a madman and annoying Mikey, my Great Dane, who is doing his aggravating growling/barking thing.  This is making me really nervous and I can’t think straight and now I am misspelling words, and there are more squiggly red lines under my words, that I absolutely have to get rid of.

It is now 0708, and I am at 493 words.  I think I will call it quits for now.  Sorry this post has absolutely no substance to it – but there you are.  It was written from 0647-0709.  What did you expect?  Nothing but a bunch of Jabberwock.

See you tomorrow!


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