W – Wearing Pink on Wednesdays

Why do I wear pink on Wednesday?  Well, that’s simple.  Because of Regina George, that’s why.   And you might ask, “Well who the heck is Regina George?”  And I would answer – “You know, from “Mean Girls.”

“Mean Girls”  is one of those high-school themed movies, where a group of the “cool girls” takes the new girl in the high school, and they do a total make-over, both physically and personality wise.  The new girl becomes a mean girl, but then she has this major epiphany and realizes she doesn’t even like herself, because she has turned into such a horrible person, and then of course she has to right all of her wrongs, and returns to her nice self.  The movie has a completely predictable and over done plot, and certainly has not won any awards, but it is entertaining.

So, what does that have to do with me wearing pink on Wednesday?  Do I secretly want to be a “mean girl” or one of the “plastics?”  Of course not!  Here’s the thing.  I wear scrubs everyday to work.  Because of the environment I work in, a Children’s Hospital, I am exposed to a great deal of microbes.  And I don’t want to bring these pesky little microbes home with me.  And unlike the majority of the Nurse Practitioners in the hospital who wear professional clothes to work, I choose to wear scrubs.  Sure, I look like a nurse, but I am a nurse first (some of the nicest people I know, are nurses), then a Nurse Practitioner.  And besides, scrubs are better. They are easy to clean, they are easy to put on, I don’t have to match my shoes with my outfit, or think about what I am going to wear in the morning.  They are kind of like those matching clothes for kids – they are Garanimals for adults.

And I have a pink scrub shirt.  I like pink. It’s bright, it’s cheery and it makes me happy. One day I wore my pink scrub shirt on Wednesday.  The girls at work said to me “Oh, you are wearing pink on Wednesday.  That’s one of Regina George’s rules – the “plastics” always wear pink on Wednesdays.” And I said “That’s right, they do wear pink on Wednesdays.”  And then it kind of became a tradition, me wearing pink on Wednesdays.  And other people are now wearing pink on Wednesdays.  I like that.  Because by wearing pink on that particular day, the day in the middle of the week, it makes me think, “Wow, I am halfway through the week, tomorrow will be Thursday and the next day is Friday, and then the weekend – Yay!”  So pink makes me happy, because I wear it on Wednesday, because it has become a tradition (and traditions are good to have) – just like Regina George and the “plastics”.


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