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Global Warming – It’s All About The Sunspots

For several years now, we have been barraged by constant stories of how global warming will destroy our planet. We are forever being made to feel bad about what we are doing to our planet, and how we must decrease our carbon footprint, use solar, reduce waste, minimize carbon dioxide output in an effort to stave off the impending devastation of what many perceive as man-made global warming.

I have been doing research for my book, presently entitled Dreaming Through Time. It is a story of three boarding school girls and their time travelling experiences with an Ancient Aborigine. And in the process of doing this research, I have learned some really interesting things. One of the things that has really tripped me up, are the stories told of a time when the seas rose, the earth became very warm, followed by the seas receding and the very cold temperatures, where food became scarce and survival was a struggle. And so I wondered, and thought to myself, why did this happen? There were no cars, or factories, or much agriculture, so why should the earth go through these cycles. And with the help of my Dad, he and I began studying the cyclical warming and cooling events which have occured throughout the world’s history.

What if this “cataclysmic” warming of the earth, the media continually reports and predicts, would have happened with or without our cars, our factories, and our agricultural activities? What if the media is only giving us one side of the story, and isn’t giving us the scientific information and data – because it doesn’t support the side of the story they want us to know, and believe? And here we are, all running around, installing solar panels, driving electric cars, and scrambling to minimize our individual carbon footprints – and still the earth will warm despite our efforts, because that is what it has done for millions of years. No one is listening to the scientists, the guys that study this stuff. Because they say global warming has very little to do with what we as humans are doing to the world, and has everything to do with cyclical waxing and waning of sun spots.

And honestly, thinking about all of this – I don’t think the air quality or the state of the world is getting worse. I remember when the air quality used to be really horrific, back in the 70s, when everyone drove around in gas-guzzling cars that spewed out brown clouds of exhaust. I remember the acid rain, and the way it blackened the building and scarred the trees. How is it that no one remembers how bad the air was back then? Or is it just convenient to forget all of that, since we are all now on the “global warming” bandwagon.

Yes – the earth is warming (or actually it was warming), but if you read the scientific literature, it is not for the reason we are made to believe it is. The number of sunspots can increase and then decrease in cycles. And this is where the Maunder Minimum comes in. The Maunders were a married couple and both of them were solar astronomers. They studied sunspots, or actually lack of sunspots. From their studies, it was determined that during a time of few sunspots, the earth’s temperatures would drop significantly, so much so, the earth would experience an Ice Age. The last such period of global cooling occured between 1645 and 1715 when the world experienced a “Mini Ice Age”. This is referred to as the Maunder Minimum. And this is all very simply stated, because according to my Dad it is much more complicated and also has to do with the solar magnetosphere, and the albedo effect of the earth, bouncing the sun’s radiance away from it and all kinds of other really complex processes, that my brain can’t grasp. Bottom line though – is we are not being given the whole story about global warming – not by a long shot.

Scientists have recently noticed a significant decrease in the number of sunspots and are predicting the earth’s temperature will start dipping. Will it dip as much as it did in the last “Mini Ice Age”, when the River Thames and the Baltic Sea froze over? It’s hard to say. The scientists say it will be soon. Presently the temperatures have peaked and are beginning the downhill descent.

Now – the other thing we need to consider is the Milankovitch Cycles – I hadn’t heard of these until my Dad and I started talking about Maunder Minimums. Milankovicth was a Serbian astronomer who had some thoughts on how the earth rotates, and is positioned in reference to the sun. And this affects the seasons we experience, and the earth’s climate. He devised three cycles, Eccentricity, Axial Tilt and Precession. Eccentricity refers to whether the earth is revolving around the sun in a perfect circular motion, or in an elliptical motion. When in an elliptical rotation, at points, the earth is much further away from the sun, increasing the difference in seasons. The Axial Tilt refers to how the earth is spinning and at where it lies in its plane of orbit, tilt towards, or away from the sun, so the North and South Poles are never really at the very top or at the very bottom of the earth, and actually move quite a bit. Precession is how much the earth is wobbling as it rotates. And the most frequently used analagy is to compare the earth’s orbit to a top that is spinning slower and slower and begins to wobble. If you are really interested in the Milankovitch Cycles, below is a video explaining in it in very simple terms.

What does the Maunder Minimum have to do with Milankovitch Cylces. Well, it seems to me, one could have the “perfect storm” if certain cycles coincided with the Maunder Minimum – such as a greater Axial Tilt, a greater wobble, and an elliptical shaped rotation of earth around the sun. In that case, the sun spots would be non-existent, and earth’s ability to absorb the sun’s energy would be minimized because of the increased distance it is away from the sun (and cloud cover, and magnetosperes, and all kinds of other complicated things). If all three of these happened simultaneously, would it throw us into a Mini Ice Age – sounds like it might.

If one takes the time to read some of the science (real science) out on the Internet – it sounds like we are ramping up for such an event (a cooling event) – possibly within the next 1-10 years, and it could last for at least 50 years. I wonder what kind of little double step dance the proponents of a “Man-made Global Warming Catastrophe” will do, to get themselves out of that?

The Australian Aborigines have been around long enough to witness and live through periods of intense cold, and unbearable heat (which was not because of a man-made global warming). They have passed down their stories of sea level changes, and signifcant temperature changes, famine, and struggling during these times, from generation to generation. They tell of a significant Ice Age about 20,000 years ago (remember they have stories dating back almost 60,000 years). These stories are consistent, and never falter. And because of the accuracy of their stories – the scientists are now listening, and correlating their data, with the stories of the Aborignies, and you know what – they match up. Maybe we should pay attention too, and not so much to the media and the politicians with their hidden agendas.

Maybe that post I wrote several years ago, isn’t so far off, We Were Wrong.

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