Maniacal Ruminations or the “About Page”

Hmm.  About me?  I’m completely stumped.  I can’t think of anything that doesn’t sound kind of trite.  So I will just stick with the basics.

I am a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner.  I love children and relate to children so much better than I do most adults.

I have worked in Pediatrics since 1985, back in the days of big hair, synthesized music and multiple movies all with the same bunch of young actors.  Of course, I loved every one of those movies, especially “Breakfast Club”.  And I think I may have had big hair back then too.

I remember counting IV drips (no electronic IV pumps back then), mixing my own IV medications and taking care of 20 children with 2 Corpsmen for 12 hours (that was back in my Navy days).

I became a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner in 1995.  I attended the University of Washington (great school, beautiful campus).  I was in the Air Force until 2003.

I have this fascination with ghosts, the supernatural (except Vampires – they freak me out).  I watch all the ghost hunting shows.  And I have seen a full-bodied apparition.  Only once though and it scared me to death. That’s a whole other post.

I am sure there is so much more going on in the world that we just aren’t willing to acknowledge.  I believe as children we are much more in tune with the supernatural and the forces that surround us and as we get older, our minds build barriers.  Why is that?

I  started writing about two years ago, well at least making a concerted effort to write.  I find it very therapeutic.  It is interesting when you get into the zone, and the words are flowing, it is almost like an out-of body experience. I wonder if that is why some of the great authors self-medicated, because the world in their imagination is much more fascinating than reality.

“From Cornflakes to Eternity” is a blending of my love for children and my fascination with ghosts, ghost stories, the paranormal and the supernatural.   “From Cornflakes to Eternity” can be purchased on Amazon.

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    • Thank-you Audrey. Being a PNP is probably the best job in the world. You get to talk with little kids all day and goof around with them (I work an outpatient subspecialty clinic – so very little heartbreak – I have had my share of that over the years being a PNP). I love it (although I could do without the paperwork – AARGH!) I am excited about following your blog as well. We redheads have to stick together. Maybe that is what I will do ‘R’ on – redheads.


  1. Thank you so much for following me and liking my posts as well. 🙂

    Anyway, you have a very interesting blog.

    Have a great weekend 🙂

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    • I love watching the music videos back then, with all the long-haired band members. I am trying to grow my hair so I can be like a geriatric (well not quite) Twisted Sister guy.


  2. Hi S.D. I was overdue visiting your great Ruminations page, my friend.

    So I have to share my ghostly story. I was assigned an overnight Stacy Jones Ghost Hunter experience at our downtown theater to write a feature piece when I was working for the big daily. The Landmark Theatre is said to house a very famous ghost, Clarissa. I didn’t see her that night, but did experience things that fueled my thoughts. The folks I was hanging out with kept taking photos of mirrors, and lights that WERE NOT THERE kept showing up in the photos, for instance. When we were herded into a supply room in the dingy basement, a can of nails came flying off a wall shelf on its own. You never saw 25 people jump so high at once. And the biggie for me was when I was one of a handful surrounding one of those scanners the knowing said communicated with the spirits. Voices drifted in and out as it, well, scanned. All of a sudden, a voice said “Mork” clear as a bell, sounding much like my dear Pop Pop did back in Brooklyn 30 years past, not quite Mark, but that accent …


    I have tagged you in the Allergic to ‘E’ Challenge. Sound easy. Have fun. Happy Friday. 🙂

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    • That’s a really cool story! Did your Pop Pop frequent that theater? I love those scanners – they fascinate me. I wonder though – do they attract only those spirits that reside in the building or do you think perhaps your Pop Pop is with you wherever you go (kind of like a Guardian Angel that is always by your side) which would be even more amazing. Thanks for the nomination – I will get on it this evening.
      PS. I went to Alcatraz with my kids one summer – I had those headphones on they give you for the walking tour. I was standing by a cell, with my back to it and all of a sudden I heard this gravelly “Hey” in my right ear, I could feel whoever’s breath it was on my neck. Funny thing was, my son heard it as well. Scared the snot out of me. I want to do the night tour there, but I am kind of chicken. I think the ghosts of the prisoners probably get a kick out of scaring vulnerable visitors – and I would be a prime target.


      • My grandfather never got from Brooklyn to the theater in Syracuse, to my knowledge, S.D. I didn’t move here until after he passed. So it must be that spirits can go wherever they darn please.

        I’d be chicken to go to the Alcatraz night tour, too, by the way, even before the voice and breath in your ear. Quite frankly, the whole ghostly thing falls in the “spooky” category for me.

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      • Me too, but I am oddly obsessed about ghosts and spirits. There has to be so much more around us than we can see, Sometimes when I examining children in the clinic, especially the little ones, it is quite obvious they are staring at things that the rest of us cannot see. It’s really weird. I was talking to a little kid, and he kept on wriggling around, and I wasn’t even examining him. I asked him why he was wriggling – and he told me the little kid was tickling him. But there were no other kids in the room, only me and his parents. I must say I was a little unsettled by the whole experience. Spooky!!!!!


  3. What do you know, another nurse (I’m retired, now), with a military background (but I was a spy, long before a midlife career change into healthcare). I appreciate your Liking my “chat” at the “party” on Chris The Story Reading Ape’s Blog, back on May 24. (My response rate is slow, but it is sincere.) Thanks!

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  4. Nice to read about you. I didn’t know you already have a book out. Good to know! I was a children’s mental health counselor (the 0-5 crowd). Maybe that’s part off the reason I so enjoy the “voice” of this blog. 😀

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  5. I love pediatric nurses- having spent a bit of time with my kids in hospitals. I think I’ve discovered you post blog challenge, but it’s a happy discovery and I look forward to reading more!

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  6. SD, I just read this “about” page and am struck by how much we have in common…I too have worked in health care, I too have had a life-long fascination w the paranormal (specifically, ghosts) and I’m originally from Seattle…my mother and brother were both UW grads. I and in the past three years I’ve seen two ghosts. I’d love to exchange more, do drop me a line any time at my contact button on my blog. So glad you reached out! Best, Jan

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