The halls of the Pediatric hospital are quiet now. The ghostly sightings ceased the night the paranormal investigation team was summoned. No one has seen the Little Redheaded Girl, Jose or the Girl in the Pink Boots since the horrific happenings that occurred on the main road leading into the hospital. That was the night the Diablo winds rattled the already parched lands, leaving in its wake a suffocating blanket of sand. The nurses are happy they no longer have to sniff for pockets of sulfurous stench, or be wary of sudden drops in the ambient temperature, but not one of them can make any sense of the events that occurred that night or the days leading up to it. Of course, none of them ever will, because they are not ghosts.
Allie discovers she is a ghost. Or almost a ghost. Although her body remains on life support awaiting organ harvesting, her spirit is free to roam. However, she is not a spirit that roams aimlessly through the hospital halls. She returns to the Pediatric hospital at the request of the Lady in Red, the guardian of one of the many afterlife realms. Allie’s crucially important mission is to save Jose, he of the wife-beater shirt, and Vicky, the Girl in the Pink Boots. These two children are doomed to spend an eternity trapped in a parallel dimension between the world of the living and the afterlife, if something isn’t done quickly. Armed with information regarding energy levels and the color-coding of auras, Allie is ready to embark on her adventure. Will she succeed in saving the two children or will she too become trapped, destined to live an eternity in that vast emptiness between the two worlds?
From Cornflakes to Eternity is a heart-rending tale sprinkled with humor, horror, retribution, friendship, selflessness and thoughts on life.

From Cornflakes to Eternity: A Ghost’s Story
by S. D. Gates



Have you ever wondered what you should do during an alien abduction? Or ever thought that horror movies could be used as a learning tool in High School? And is it true that taking care of a dog, is really good training for being a parent? And do you believe playing video games can be educational and helpful in preparing you for life?
If you answered “Yes”, perhaps a resounding “Yes” to any of these questions then The A-Z Survival Guide to Life is the book for which you have been searching. This guide covers issues such as A – Annoying People (how to avoid them), B- Beds (how to create a perfect bed) to more unusual topics like H – Horror Movies (what can be learned from such movies) and U – UFOs (what to do during an alien abduction). This guide is a treasure trove of useful tips, in an easy to use format which will come in handy during that transition into adulthood.

The A – Z Survival Guide to Life: For Young Men Just Starting Out
by S D Gates