P – Proper Evacuation

I made the mistake of asking my oldest what I should write about today.  Here is how that conversation played out.

He said “What letter are you on?”

I said “P”.

His reply was , “Oh, that’s easy – write about pooping.”

And I said “Why on earth would I want to write about such a thing?  I am sure my blogging friends really don’t want to read a post devoted entirely to the subject of pooping – you know some of them are British, so they are proper.”

He replied, “Everyone should be concerned about pooping, even the British, because basically the butthole controls the entire body.  If that doesn’t work, nothing else will.”

And so I wandered off muttering to myself about how I should have known better than ask him what subject I should write on, because somehow it was always going to come back to pooping.

Am I really this desperate for a blog post subject, that I will resort to writing about poop, for the letter P?  Apparently, I am.

But maybe my oldest son has a point.  Maybe we should all be thinking about this subject of proper evacuation more, because it is so important.  Maybe we would all be happier, if we focused more on the art of evacuating properly, and less on stuff like the actual color of a really ugly dress, or what inane things the Kardashians are doing.

My Dad told me, when I was a kid, there was a gravestone over in England that read – ‘I died for the want of a fart!’ I hope there really is!

My oldest wants me to inform you of an aid, a pooping aid that helps with the proper evacuation of the bowels. He says you will thank me for providing you with this information. It’s called the Squatty Potty.  It’s available on many websites. It is basically a stool that is positioned around the toilet.  One rests their feet on this and it aligns the body in such a way as to aid in the process of properly evacuating one’s bowels.  So, I went off and Googled it. Here is a commercial on the “Squatty Potty”.


Need I say more?

For more information on this aid for proper evacuation , please go to the “Squatty Potty” website – “Squatty Potty – The Official Site.”

Enough said.  And you can thank my oldest for the selection of this topic.


Photo credit – pinterest.com


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  1. I wouldn’t worry about upsetting us Brits. We like nothing more than a good old chin wag about our bodily functions. My sister and I don’t consider we’ve had a proper conversation unless we have discussed a) gardens and plants and b) poo. I have no idea why. I don’t think I’ll be buying one of those squatty potties though.

    • My family is British as well, and they don’t seem to have any problems talking about things that occur within the body. But they are a strange bunch. I do remember my very proper British grandmother wouldn’t allow me to even sniff, or blatantly chew. So I didn’t want to offend anyone!! I am glad things have loosened up a bit over in England since I was a kid.

  2. My husband is all about that squatting poop position.

    Your son is right, pooping is important. LM is having some health issues now because of being chronically constipated. 😑

    Btw, I’ve mentioned poop three times already in the other blog. I wonder if any British peeps have unfollowed lol

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